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Earth Station 9, the Mayor and "red"


History of Earth Station 9 
red is more than a color
  • Earth Station 9 has a new banner and logo, thanks to "red". He graciously offered his assistance in creating banners for this website, and I sincerely appreciate his work. But to get a real appreciation of his ability, please visit the two websites below that he's created and webmaster's.  

  • 1914 Schweizerische Landesausstellung - 1914 Swiss National Exhibition - An historical collection of advertisements, photographs, postcards, maps, posters, tickets and film clips. With captions and descriptions in German, French and English. Spend some time reliving a part of history. Website navigation is through images, if you get lost just follow the "black hands".

  • Yucca Tree Records - "the weird music label" and home of the Swiss folk combo "diledadafish", who's music is described as "contemporary Swiss folk with the sense of dadaistic humor and the feeling of red garlic". Yucca Tree is an independent label focusing on noncommercial music. And exploring the website is half the fun, "red" is constantly busy working on new projects and the content is always changing.

the Mayor and webmaster
  • My name is Stan Daniloski and I'm the owner and Mayor of Earth Station 9. I'm also the clerk, sheriff, webmaster, master electrician, medical guinea pig, computer repairman, chief bottle washer, maintenance man and court jester.

  • After high school in 1978, I started a 6 year term in the US Army. I was an aircraft and missile repair parts manager and computer operator on the NCR-500. My tenure ended with a service connected injury.

  • After the Army, I went back to school for a year and earned a certificate in computer programming and operations.

  • Then I worked in the Federal Government for three years before heading off to become a photographer for a year.

  • At this time I became enchanted with Antiques and Collectibles and became self employed for 10 years. During which time I was also an Auction Consultant, shop keeper and one of the first eBay sellers. Then a near fatal car accident put me in Shock Trauma for 2 weeks, left a few permanent scars and put a full time career on permanent hiatus.

  • In early 1997, I received my disability rating from the US Government for an injury sustained while in the Army (13 years prior). And began a two year program in Electrical Engineering Technology. I passed the CET exam and graduated as an EET with two awards.

  • Currently I'm employed in numerous endeavors ranging from audio/video editing and computer technician to antiques and collectibles (once again). 

  • I build, maintain and repair personal computers in my spare time. And having 6 years experience on the Internet and 21 years as a computer mutt, I also teach basic computer programming and Internet usage to those that cannot afford it.

  • Well, that's probably more than you've ever wanted to know about the "man behind the curtain"

  • I only put this here because a few people wanted to know.

  • Enjoy your Stay  -  The Mayor


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