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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


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Babylon, Gateways to - Mesopotamia Ancient and Modern 
Babylon Matrix - Interesting 
Babylon Magick 
Babylon 5 Fans by Mike Helba -
Backwards Masking - Playing Music Backwards
Backyard Ballistics
Bacteria - Article in Science Frontiers 
Bad Managers - Cowboy Developers Get A Good Slapping
BAHÁ'Í Faith 
Balloon Pages, World Wide Web - by Joop de Wilde, 
 The Netherlands - One HUGE Listing
Balto the Wonder Dog - Pet Cemetery - Ohio 
Bananas on the Web
Baphonet - Thelemic Communit
Barking Spiders - Jokes, Jokes, Jokes
Barney the War Bear Monument - North Carolina
Barnum Merman - Connecticut
Barnyard Shenanigans! - A Gory Flash Animation - Not for Kids
Bathory, Elizabeth - The 16th Century Blood Countess 
Bathtub from the USS Maine - Ohio
Battle for Sitting Bull's Grave - North Dakota
BDSM by James LiGate -
Bear Pits - North Carolina
Beatle's Dance
Beatle's Dance - The Original 
Beaty's Odds and Ends 
Beaucoup - 800 Search Engines, 1 Page
Bedrock City 
Beekeeping FAQ
Beer and Home Brewing by Rob Nelson -
Beer Can Bob
Beer Can House - Texas
Beekeeping FAQ
Bees - The World Through the Eyes of Bees
Behn's Lion & Tiger Show - Wisconsin
Belhaven Memorial Museum - Weird Stuff here - North Carolina
Belle Webring - 18 Members
Belly Buttons
Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard 
Bending Spoons Webring - 3 Members
Bengali Culture by Soma Das -
Berkeley Internet Library Resources - Awesome 
Berkeley Psychic Institute - Psychic Kindergarten
Bermuda Triangle  FAQ - From the Naval Historical Center
Best Inspiration - Books/Quotes/Movies
Bestiary, The Aberdeen - Medieval Animals 
Beyond Boundaries - Research Forum 
Beyond Human - A Webzine Exploring the Limits of Human 
Beyond the Veil - Near Death Experiences
Bible in Nine Languages, Search the
Bibliofind - Rare Books/Periodicals/Ephemera
Biblioteca Arcana  
Bicycles FAQ
BiFems Webring - 13 Members
Big Brutus - Kansas
Big Charlie Display - Indiana
Big Girls on the Ball - Who2 Loop
Big Mary - Elephant Hanging Site - Tennessee
Big Muskie - Ohio
Big Oil Man Statue - aka The Golden Driller - Oklahoma
Big Peach Watertower - Alabama
Big Potato
Big Red: Behemoth Ox - Pet Cemetery - Montana
Big Texan Steak Ranch - Texas
Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sighting Reports - BFRO Geographical Database
Bigfoot and Sasquatch Reports, BFRO Database of
Bigfoot Encounters - California Sighting List 
Bigfoot FAQ
Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Bigfoot Investigation Center, Eastern Ohio 
Bill's Best
Billboard Liberation Front
Billy Bob Teeth 
Billy the Kid's Graves - New Mexico
Billyhills Monster Fix
Biography and Memoir by Patricia Sarles -
Biological Weapons - The Black Vault - 654 Pages
Biology by Regina Bailey -
Biospirituality, World Religions and Philosophies
Birds - NetVet - E-Text Veterinary Services
Birds FAQ
Birds of Prey, International Medical Center for - The Raptor Center
Birthday Party Webring - 8 Members
Birthplace of Lawrence Welk - North Dakota
Birthplace of TV
Bishop's Castle - Colorado
Bitches of the Stony Heart Webring Index - 31 Sites
Bizarre and Amusing Stories
Bizarre Stuff  - you can make in your Kitchen.
BizArticles Online Magazine
Black Diamond the Elephant - Texas
Black Holes FAQ  
Black Holes - Cambridge Realitivity 
Black Holes and Mysteries of the Cosmos 
Black Magick and Hubbard 
Black Moon Archives
Black Squirrel Capital of the World - Kansas - Iowa
Black Sun Lodge O.T.O.  - Ordo Templi Orientis
Black Vault, The - UFO's to the Max
Blair Bitch Project, The - Starring Linda Blair
Blarney Stone - Piece of the Original from Ireland, in Texas
Blast to the Past Webring Index - 1960s-70s - 87 Sites
Blather - Paranormal Agent-Provocateurism
Blip Internet Playground - Shockwave Games
Blue Viking - 8 Unique Ads
Bluegrass Links - A GREAT RESOURCE
Bnei-Baruch Kabbalah Home Page - A Great Resource
Body Modification eZine - Piercing, Tattoo's, etc
Bonnie & Clyde's Death Car - Nevada
Boogie Blocks
Book of Revelation, The
Book of the Dead, The - Pyramid Texts
Books On-Line - Thousands of Books you can Download
Books On-Line, Great
Booksellers Association of America, Antiquarian 
Boredom Anonymous
Borley Rectory - The MOST Haunted Place in England
Borneo - A Wealth of Links
Boss, a Noble Dog - North Carolina
BOTA - Builders of the Adytum - Holy Qabalah and Sacred Text 
Botanical .com 
Botany by Bryan Ness -
Botspot - Internet Bots
Brain, The Whole Brain Atlas - A Neat Site
Brain Candy - Riddles, Jokes, Insults and Word Play
Brain Lateralization and Primate Handedness - Brain Food  
Breast Cancer by Margaret Chiffriller -
Breathings,House of - Celtic and Contemplative Spirituality
Breathing: Western Somatic and Eastern Spiritual Approaches
Bret Thayne Bottger's Big Hair Babe Collection 
Bretagne Megaliths
Brewing FAQ
Britain in the USA
British Genealogy Abbreviations and Acronyms, The
British Heraldic Archive, The
British Orders of Chivalry 
British Stone Circles
Britney Spear's Guide to Semiconductor Physics
BRS Radio Directory
 Find Any Station Anywhere Any Format in the World
Bruce's Pants
Bubba's Links
Bubba's of America Webring - 26 Sites
BUBL Link - Internet Library Resource
Budget Traveler's Guide to Sleeping in Airport's
Buffalo Nations - Native American - Save the Buffalo
Buford Pusser, Gone But Not Forgotten - Tennessee
Building Shaped Like a Shoe - California
Bull Run Castle - Virginia
Bullfinch's Mythology
 The Age of Fable and Stories of Gods and Heroes
Bunny Survival Tests
Bureau of Atomic Tourism
 AWESOME - Visit Actual Sites of Atomic Tests
Burning Man Homepage
Burning Man '97 - Real Player Videos
Burrito-Analysis - See What Your Burrito says About You
Burrito Page
BuRnCycLe's Paranormal Homepage
Burying Freud Webpage
Bush-Gore Dance 
BushLite: Parody with a Purpose 
Buster Brown's Grave - Missouri 
Butterfly Website, The
 Everything You Wanted to Know About Butterflies
Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites






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