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Environmental Resources and Information


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Environmental Resources

Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
Accidental Release Information Program - ARIP - RTK
Act for Change 
Activist News
Alternative Fuels Data Center
American Crop Protection Association
American Rivers
Biodegradation Database
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Land Management
Canadian Environmental Database 1999/2000
Chemical Health & Safety Data
Clean Beaches Council
Climate Voice Environment
Coal Information Databases
Congressional Link
Conscious Choice - American Midwest
Country Analysis Briefs
Delicious! Magazine - Living Natural
Department of the Interior
DOE Information Bridge
DOE Technical Information Network
E Magazine
Earth and Moon Viewer - Real Time
Earth Council - International NGO
Earth Day 2001  
Earth Happenings
Earth Island Institute
Earth Watch Institute
EarthQuake Bulletin
Earthquake Search
Earthwatch Institute International
Ecology by Jim Merickel -
Ecotourism by Ellen Scott -
Energy & Environmental News
Energy Information Agency Data Query System
Energy Research News
ENN Daily News Weekend Edition
EnviroFacts - EPA 
Environment -
Environment at the Green Bank
 New Ideas in Pollution Regulation - NIPR
Environmental Background Information Center
Environmental Compliance Violations Database
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Health Perspectives
Environmental Info Resources - AWESOME
Environmental Information Management System - EIMS
Environmental Issues by Patricia Michaels -
Environmental Matters - The World Bank
Environmental News Network -
Environmental Newspapers
Environmental Organization Web Directory - Amazing
Environmental Placements, Inc. - Designing the Feng Shui Way
Environmental Treaties Texts
Environmental Working Group
EPA Clean Air Act Database
EPA Global Warming Site  
Explosives Classification Tracking System
FishBase - over 23,000 Species
Forestry by Steve Nix -
Friends of the Earth
Gateway to Global Change Data and Information - GCDIS
GeoIndex - Geo Enviromental Search Engine
Global Change Master Directory - NASA
GLOBE International
Green Parties of North America - Acid Rain, Climate Changes, Dictionary, Forestry, Organic Gardening, Recycling, Wildlife, more
Greentree Consulting Inc. - Professional Services -
 Environmental, Asbestos, Lead, Hydrogeological, Safety
Institute of Solar Living
International Agreements Database
International Primate Protection League
Intergrated Taxanomic Information System - USDA
Lake Database
League of Conservation Voters
Life Along the Faultline - 
Los Angeles Times: Environment News
Mass Extinction Underway -
 Includes Links to Stories and Pages Worldwide
Monthly Energy Review
National Archeological Database
National Asbestos Registry System
National Audubon Society
National Environmental Indicators Series - Canada
National Environmental Publications Information - NEPI
National Journal's Cloak Room
National Library for the Environment
 Congressional Research Service Reports 
National Park Service
National Parks
National Pollution Release Inventory - Canada
National Wetlands/Wetland Values Database
Natural Life Magazine
Natural Resources Conservation Service  - USDA
Natural Resources Defense Council
Nature News
NCBI Taxonomy Browser - Biology
 Find hazards Near Your Home and Community
New Scientist Planet Science
NODC Oceanographic Profile Data Base
Nuclear Explosion Database
Nuclear News
Ocean Floor Database
Oil Spill Country Profiles
Online Earth Imagery - See Your House from Satellite 
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
Otter Project, The  
Our Planet - United Nations  
Ozone Depletion FAQ  
Planetwork Project - Internet and Ecological Survival
Primate Conservation and Welfare Society
Rainforest Site 
Recycling World - UK
Research Involving Human Subjects Database
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information System
Resources for the Future
Reuter's AlertNet
River Network Online
Safe Drinking Water Database
Save the Chimps
Scenic America
Sea and Sky
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sector Facility Indexing Project - SFIP
Selected International Environmental Agreements
 HUGE Listing - CIA Factbook
Solvents Database
Student Conservation Association
Superfund Databases
Supplemental Environmental Project National Database
Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
Talyala Emu Farm - Emu Products Including Emu Oil  
The Bushmeat Project
The Earth Times
The Environment: A Global Challenge
The Heinz Center
The Jane Goodall Institute
The Nature Conservancy
The New Steel Alliance - Recycling
The Sixth Extinction - American Museum of Natural History
The Virtual Birder
Threatened Animals of the World Database
 World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Toxic Release Inventory -
Toxic Substances Control Act - Cornell
US Endangered Species Info
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Water Environment Federation - WEF
Watershed Atlas
Watershed Locator
Wilderness Information Network
World Energy Database
World Register of Large Dams
World Resources Institute
World Stress Map
World Wildlife Fund
World's Freshwater Systems in Peril - World Resources Institute
Worldwatch Institute
Yellowstone Park News
Youth and Environment Europe Web



Environmental Webrings

Beautiful Butterfly Ring - 19 Members
Born Free....Leave us that way Webring - 13 Members
Earth Sisters - Guardians of Wildlife Webring - 10 Members
Endangered Wildlife Webring - 55 Members
It's Our Flag Webring - 20 Members
Majestic Beauty Webring - The Eagle -5 members
One Earth Webring - 31 Members
Save Endangered Wildlife Webring - 16 Members
Security Of Nature Webring - 8 Members
Smokies Webring - Great Smokie Mountains - 5 members







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