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Military Resources

French and Indian War


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French and Indian War

A Hypertext on American History: From Revolution to Reconstruction 
All About The Forces of Montcalm and Wolfe
 Educational Nonprofit Organization
Archiving Early America 
Armies of the Seven Years War - French
Braddock's Grave at Fort Necessity NB
British and French Clash
Clothing of the French Indians
Colonial American Time-Line
Compagnie LeBoeuf
Coustume Page France 1700-1789
18th Century Resources: Theatre History on the Web
18th Century Clothing Resources of the French and Indian War Period
Eighteenth Century History -
End of the French and Indian War
1st Regiment of Foote, The Royal Regiment
Fort Bedford Museum - Bedford, Pennsylvania
Fort Necessity National Battlefield
 Alleghany Mountains, SW Pennsylvania
Fort Ouiatenon
Forts, Tales, and Legends
 The Mahican Channel - Albany, NY to Montreal, CA
French and Indian War - FAS Military Analysis Network
French and Indian War -
French and Indian War Links
French and Indian War Magazine Online
French and Indian War Map
French and Indian War Military Replicas
French and Indian Wars
French and Indian War's Impact on America
French Marine Units in New France 
French Marines - Les Compagnies Franches de la Marine
French Presence in North America 
George Washington Biographical Information
Heritage Studio: Art and Costume
History of the French and Indian War
Holy Family Militia - Milice de Sainte Famille
Journal of Expedition, 1749 - Celeron Journal
La Fleur de Lyse - French Colonial Clothing
La Nouvelle France - French Resources
Montcalm and Wolfe
New France & Old England
New Jersey Frontier Guard
Old Fort Niagara - Youngstown, New York
Original Images of the French and Indian War
 The Philadelphia Printshop Limited
Reproduction Maps and Prints : 17th and 18th Century North America
Roger's Rangers History
Scalping During the French & Indian War - by  George A. Bray III
Seven Years' War
Seven Years' War Website
1755 Webpage
St Clair Flats Historical Encampment - Algonac, Michigan
The Costumers Manifesto
 Costume Information and Images - 1000s of Costume Links
The Early America Review 
The French Contribution to the American War of Independence
The Seven Years Website
Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corps 
Web Index of The French and Indian War



Period Webrings

The French & Indian War Webring - 12 Sites






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