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New Age

Herbs and Plants


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Herbs and Plants

A Modern Herbal Online
 by Mrs. M. Grieve, First Published in 1931
Akahdahmah Herbs
Algy's Herb Page
American Botanical Council
American Health & Herbs
American Herbalists Guild
Ayahuasca - Yagé, Caapi, Natema
Ayahuasca Odyssey
Ayahuasca Spirit Quest
Botanic Sorting Machine - Plants and Herbs - Great Resource
Bulk Herbs - from Glenbrook Farms Herbs and Such 
Carnivorous Plants Database
Chinese Herb Academy - Herbal Broadcasting Station 
Crane Herb Company - Chinese Herb and Acupunture Supplies
Earthchild's Herb Page
European Herbal Practitioners Association
Gardener Encyclopedia
Gypsy Folk Medicine
Health & Herbs
Henriette's Herbal Homepage - Great Resource
Herb and Plant Pictures
Herb Company, Crane
Herb Research Foundation
Herbal Encyclopedia, The
Herbal Information Center
Herbal Materia Medica - Listing
Herbal Reference Library
Herbal Remedies
HerbNet - Herbs and Alternative Medicine
HerbNET - Mainpage
Herbs - 
Herbs and Aromas, Glossary of
Herbs and Plants - Healthy Resources  Section, Earth Station Nine
Herbs and Plants - Home and Garden Section, Earth Station Nine
HerbShop - Herbs, Vitamins, etc
Ideas for Preserving and Using Herbs
Index of Poisonous Plants - Drug-Herb and Drug-Nutrient Interactions
Kathie's Herb Page - Kathie Schmitt from Muscatine, Iowa
Medicinal and Culinary Herb FAQs 
Medicinal Herb Garden - University of Washington
Medicinal Herbs FAQ
Medicine FAQ
Medicine Plants
Merck Manual of Diagnostics and Therapy
Michael Tierra's Planetary Herbology, Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Website
National Capital Poison Center
National Center for the Preservation of Medicinal Herbs
 Meigs County, Ohio
Nutrition Science News - Now Searchable
Poisonous Plants in Britain and Ireland
Plant and Herb Index -
Plant Fossil Record
Plant Tracker
Robyn's Recommended Reading - An Herbal Quarterly Review - Psychoactive Herb Store
Southwest School of Botanical Medicine - Another GREAT Site
Thonner's Analytical Key to the Families of Flowering Plants
US Plants National Database
World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification



Herbal - Webrings

Allans Best Herbal Medicine Sites on the Net Ring - 11 Sites
Better Herbs and Gardens Webring - 3 Sites
Diabetic Care Webring - 24 Sites
Growing Taller Info Ring - 5 Sites
Herbal Harmony Ring - 25 Sites
Herbal Nutrition Ring - 30 Sites
Herbal Products Ring - 9 Sites
Holistic-healing Ring - 3 Sites
Incense & Herbs Webring - 13 Sites
Natural Healing Herbal Remedies Ring - 7 Sites
Natural Healing Medicinal Herbs For Cure Webring - 45 Sites
Natural Nutrition Ring - 6 Sites
New Age Healing Ring - 4 Sites
Re-Legalize It Webring - 7 Sites
The Backyard Herbalist Webring - 20 Sites
The 420 Sticky Buds Webring - Marijuana - 36 Sites
The Herbs & Herbalism Ring - 21 Sites
The Pleasures of Herbs and Tea Ring - 52 Sites
The Psychedelic Ring - 11 Sites






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