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Military Resources

Military Histories


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Aircraft, Vehicles and Equipment Factfile - US Marine Corp
All Things Military
Allexperts Military History Q&A
 Operated by Volunteer Historians 
American Battle Monuments Commission - Civil War
American Battle Monuments Commission - Korean War
American Battle Monuments Commission - Mexican War
American Battle Monuments Commission - Spanish American
American Battle Monuments Commission - Vietnam War
American Battle Monuments Commission - World War I
American Battle Monuments Commission - World War II
Armed Forces Insignia
Associates of Military History, The 
Audie Murphy Commemorative Stamp Petition Drive
Battlefield Vacations - Mainly US Civil War
British and US Military Ranks Compared  
Center for Military History - USA
Ceremonial Music
Chemical & Biological Warfare
 Writings in History by Greg Goebel 
Chemical & Biological Warfare Project
Current Tables of Organization and Equipment
Documents in Military History - Hillsdale College 
Dumb Bombs & Smart Munitions
 Writings in History by Greg Goebel 
Fire Balloons, The - Writings in History by Greg Goebel 
Firearms Silhouette Bitmaps
Flying Platforms, The - Writings in History by Greg Goebel 
Historica - World War II Aviation History Research
Jane's Defense Section
Jane's Security Section
Jane's Transport Section
Jane's Information Group
Kobarid Museum - History of Kobarid and the Soča Front
M-1941 Johnson Rifle
 The History of the Johnson Rifle, 1930's and 40's
Marine Corps Historical Center FAQs
Marines' Hymn
Medal of Honor Recipients
Medals and Ribbons, US Navy
Menwith Hill US Spy Station - History
Menwith Hill US Spy Station - Spy Station F83
Military History - John's Jumble of Resources 
Military History Sites  - Collection of Links
Navy and Marine Corps White Pages
New York Military Affairs Symposium  
9th Infantry Division
Officer and Enlisted Rank Structure - US Armed Forces
Old Corps Enlisted Rank - Marine Enlisted Ranks, 1798 thru 1958 
Pacifica Military History - Combat Books on WWII to Present
Ribbon Checker - USN Military Ribbon Checker
Rongstad's Worldwide Military History  
Sacramento Air Logistics Center - History
Service and Campaign Medals - USN
Simonides - Non-Profit Organization -
 Military Archeology, History and Restoration
Special Warfare Page by Tracy White - 
 Special Ops and Counter-Terrorism Resource
Spy Stations Around The Globe 
Steve's Armed Forces Site
Tank Silhouette Bitmaps
The Guadalcanal Campaign - Historical Writings
The Meadow Years - A Retrospective of the 1963 - 1976
The Military History Page
The War Times Journal  
The War - War from an American Perspective
US Merchant Marine Veterans Page
USIGS Military Collection - USIGS Research Library
VA National Cemeteries - Listing
War Links - Historyof
Wars of the World - Military Links
West Point Atlases - Online Maps 
 Covering the 18th Century to the Present
Wittman Antique Militaria
Women Veterans, US - A History
Writings in History - by Greg Goebel 






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