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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The M's, Part 1


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MAC Daily Network, The - Everything MAC
Mad Cow Disease Home Page, The Official -
 7,651 Articles - Holy Cow
Magic - Traditions of Magic  
Magic and Illusion by Bryan Dean -
Magic and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Magic FAQ
Magic Monitor - Online Palm Reading Service 
Magic Tricks, Easy by Bryan Dean -
Magick FAQ
Magnetic Poetry Kit
Magonia - UFOlogy, Forteana and Contemporary Beliefs
Mahan's Hula Girl - California
Mailing Lists - Liszt - 
 Pick From Over 1000 Newsletters and Bulletins
Major Apparitions of Jesus and Mary
Make Your Own Urban Legend 
Mall of America
Mammoth Cave Wax Museum - Kentucky
Man and the Unknown - Paranormal/New Age/Mysticism, etc.
Man o' War: Race Horse - Kentucky
Manassas Cyclorama, The Missing   
Manifestoes - alt.usenet. Archive
Manna Machine, The
Maps: Map Collection, Harvard
Maps: Map Blast
Maps: Maps and References - Hundreds of Maps for Any Purpose
Maps: National Geographic Map Machine - A Beautiful Site
Maps: Perry-Castaneda Library - AWESOME Collection of Maps
Maps: Rare Map Collection - American Civil War
Maps: Rare Map Collection - Colonial America
Maps: Rare Map Collection at the Hargrett Library - Mainpage
Maps: Stan's Page of Maps in the Reference Desk Section
Maps: Theban Mapping Project
Maps: World of Maps
Maps for Sale, 100,000
Marian Apparitions
Marian Dogma, The Last
Marian Meditations Menu
Marineland in Trouble
Mario's Cyberspace Station: Spy News
Maritime and Naval WWW Virtual Library
Maritime History Virtual Archives, The
Mark Twain by Jim Zwick -
Mars 2112 - New York 
Martha: Last Passenger Pigeon - Washington, DC
Martha Stewart Parody
Martial Arts by James Hom -
Martian Landing Site - New Jersey
Marvin Johnson's Gourd Museum - North Carolina
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Masons and Masonry - see Masons in the Religion Section
Mass Extinction Underway
 Includes Links to Stories and Pages Worldwide
Mass Panic - Wisconsin
Massage Therapy Home Page
Massachusetts Electronic Atlas - General Category Headings
Masters of the Non-Teaching - Wisdom, Enlightenment
Mate In A State
Mathematical Black Hole
Mathematical Mistakes, The Glossary of
Mathematics by Frank Bria -
Matt Blaze's Cryptography Resource on the Web
MattyG's TV and Movie Theme Songs ... and more!
Mauled by Lions - Who2 Loop
Maven - Portal Directory of the Jewish World
Max Nordeen's Wheels Museum
Maya Civilization
Mayan Art : Vase Painting and Copan Sculpture
Mayan Calendar Reading -
 Daily or Enter Your Birthday (Bottom of Page)
Mayan Calendar Seal and Tone Date Conversion
Mayan Culture
Mayan Folktales
Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing
MC Escher Gallery - Optical Illusions
Meanwhile - Funny Cartoons by Joe Ekaitis
Meat Helmet
Mecca's of the South - Pidgeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Media Research Center
Medical or Medicine see the Health & Medicine Section
Medicated Webring -
 for Those of us that Rely on Pills to Keep us Sane -3 Members
Medicinal Herbs FAQ
Medicine FAQ
Medicine Plants
Medieval Resources - see Medeival under References
Medieval Times - Roadside America
Medievia - About Medieval Woman
Meditation - A Letter From Anna
Meditation, A Course in 
Meditation, MerKaBa
Meditation FAQ
Mediation Site with Links
Megalithic Mysteries - A Photographic Guide
Megalithic Sites and Mounds
Megalithic Stone Circles
Megaliths of HY-BRAZIL
Megalítica - Megaliths of Menorca
Memories of  TJ Hooker - Who2 Loop
Memphremaggog - The Lake Monster
Men Jokes, The Complete Collection of
Meningioma Index - Great Resource
Mennonite Information Center
Mens Issues FAQ
Mensionisation Complementation
Mentally Influencing the Structure of Water
Meramec Caverns - Missouri 
Merman of Delaware
Merman of Tombstone - Arizona
Mermaids or Mermen?
Merneptah Stela, The
Meru Foundation - Origin and Nature of the Hebrew Alphabet
Mesoamerican Calendars
Mesopotamia Regional Index
Messier Deep Space Objects
Messies on the Web Ring Index - 6 Members
Meta Research - Astronomy Research - Up to Date
MetaCrawler MetaSpy 
Metacrostics: Acrostic Word Puzzles
Metal Detecting Links
Metals by Jason Nadeau -
Metaphor: The Tree of Utah
Metaphysical and Science E-Zines    
Metaphysical Quotes - And Lots of Them
Metaphysics - FAQ
Metaphysics Research Lab, The
Metaphysics - Multiple Meanings
Metaphysics, Pathways to
Meteorology - WWW Virtual Library
Meteorology FAQ
Meteorology - Stan's Awesome Weather Section
Miccousukee Indian Village - Florida
Mice-on-Ice -
 The Other White Meat - Frozen "Mice-icles" for Your Pet
Middle Ages - see Medieval under References
Mike The Headless Chicken
Mike the Wonder Chicken
Military FAQ
Military Links - see the Military section
Mill Mountain Star -
 Worlds Largest Man Made Illuminated Star - Virginia
Millennium and Apocalypse - Conspiracies and LOTS of Them
Millennium Art
Millennium Institute
Mind Control Forum
Mind Control Homepage  
Mind Travel +
Mind Tribes and the Arrival of Others - Lightworkers
Minds, Brains and Programs 
Mineral Collecting by Christopher Leger -
Mingers! - Home of the Facially Inept
Miniature Golf in a Funeral Home - Illinois
Miracles of Mind: Exploring Non-Local Consciousness and
Spiritual Healing
Miracles Page, The 
Mirages in the Desert - Roadside Attractions - Nevada
Misc Fitness FAQs
Misinformed Voter
MIT Libraries - Web Resources by Subject - AWESOME






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