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Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


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Pagan and Wiccan Religion by Frances Donovan -
Pagan Federation Web Index
Pagan Green Pages
Pagan Network
Pagan Witchcraft and Wicca Directory, The
Paganism FAQ
Pagans' Wall - Mont Ste, Odile, France
Page at Pooh Comer, The
Pain Index
Paintball by Mike Smith -
Palace of Depression - New Jersey
Palm Beach Pokey
Panchen Lama Website, The Official 
PanGalactic Pages, John K. Goodman's - Hundreds of Links 
 Animation/Lighting/Library/Profile/Sketches/Mixes - A Really Neat 
 Place to Visit - Some Places are Heavy on the Effects - 
 You'll need Some Power Under Your Hood
Panic Spreadsheet - In Case Your Boss Walks in on You 
Pantheism, Scientific
Pantheism, Scientific - Basic Principles
Papoose Lake Primer - Aliens .... of course
Papyrus Archive, Duke
Paradigm Shift, Fundamental 
Paradigm Shifting Website, Todd Breda's -  Just AWESOME
Paranoidal - Homepage
Paranormal: Anathema Research - 
 Paranormal/Conspiracy/Fringe Culture
Paranormal - Disinformation 
Paranormal: Seekers - Ghosts/Hauntings/Supernatural
Paranormal, The - Very interesting Topics
Paranormal and How it Correlates with One's Personality, The
Paranormal and the Unexplained 
Paranormal Encounters, True  
Paranormal FAQ
Paranormal Files, The Mysterious
Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Investigations, Cosmic Society of
Paranormal Investigations, South Texas - Peyton Ranch Photos
Paranormal Links Webring, The - 53 Members
Paranormal, Mystic, Weird and Simply Beautiful Pictures 
Paranormal Page, Obiwan's UFO-free 
Paranormal Parlor - Hauntings/Parapsychology/Vampires/UFO's
Paranormal Phenomena by Stephen Wagner -
Paranormal Place Webring - 29 Members
Paranormal Research, Bermuda Society for
Paranormal Research, Sussex
Paranormal Research Foundation, Erickson's  
Paranormal Research Society, Bay Area - Updated Twice Weekly
Paranormal Research Society, Connecticut  
Paranormal Society of the North Atlantic - PNSA 
Paranormal Stories Exchange, Underground 
Paranormal Voices
Paranormal World
Parapsychologie & Alternatieve Geneeswijzen - Paranormal/Spiritual
Parapsychology: Rhine Research Center
 An Introduction With One LARGE Glossary of Terms
Parapsychology, European Journal of  
Parapsychology FAQ
Parapsychology Resources
Parascope  - Vampires/UFOs/Fortean Slips/Witches 
Paraweb, The 
Paris, Liberation of 
Parsimony and the Mind  
Particle Beams and Saucer Dreams
Pass on a Rose Webring Index - 41 Sites 
Passenger Pigeon Memorial - Ohio
Patar and the Judean Illuminator
Patent Document Search Page
Patrick Comb's Good Thinking Site 
Patrick's High-rise Pages - The Netherlands's 
Patsy the Dog Monument - Alaska
Paul Broste Rock Museum - North Dakota
Paul Bunyan and Babe
Paul Bunyan and Babe Statues - California
Paul Bunyan Made of Car Parts - Michigan
Paul Bunyan Statue
Paul Bunyan, Talking
PC Computing 
PC World Back Issue Search Page
Peep Surgery
Pencil Sharpener Club 
People Trading Cards
Percy the Chicken - The Official Website
Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table of the Elements - BIG and I do Mean BIG 
Periodic Table of Funk 
Perpetual Bubble Wrap
Perpetual Calendar
 Find any Day of the Week for a 10,000 Year Period
Perry's Nut House 1927-1997 - Maine
Perseus Project - Greek On-Line Library
Personalities FAQ
Personality and IQ Tests, On-Line
Personality and Consciousness - Theorists and Books
Personality and IQ Tests
Personality Page, The
Personality Tests
Personality Tests - Personality Online 
Pet Casket Factory Tour
Peter Pan's Home Page
Petrified Wood Used Car Dealership - Colorado
Pets and Their Care Homepage - AVMA - Great
PEZ Museum
Pharmaceutical Information Network
Pharos Lighthouse - One of the Seven Wonders 
Phenomena: Anti-Gravity 
Phenomena: Clouds and Other Phenomena
Phenomena: Toas Hum
Phenomena: The Abyss
Phenomena: University of Life
Phenomena, Mysteries and UFOs
Phenomenon: Dropa/Dzopa - The Stone Disks of Baian-Kara-Ula 
Phenomenon: Is this Proof? 
Phenomenon: Project Hessdalen Homepage
Phenomenon On-Line    
Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
 FAQ Has Terms and Definitions
Philadelphia Experiment - AKA Project Rainbow 
Philosophy - see Philosophy in the Religion Section
Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program
Phobia List
Phone Losers of America
Phone Spell - What does your Phone Number Spell?
Phone Trips
Physics by David Harris -
Piano Playing - A Study on the Occupational Hazards
Pikachu Dance
Pink Elephant - Iowa
Pinstruck: Help! I've Been Cursed - Send an email voodoo curse
Places of Peace and Power - A Great Site

Plane Writng - Aviation - Quotes from Vintage Writing about Flying

Planetarium, Northern Lights
Planetary Activation Organization
Planetary Mysteries 
Planetary Qualities
Planetary Society
Planetary Symbolism in Astrocartography and Transcendental Astrology
Planetwork Project - Internet and Ecological Survival
Plant Database, Carniverous
Plant Powers, Bedouin Shaman's
Plants: Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
Plants National Database Query, USDA
Plastic Bullets Maim and Kill - Articles and Facts
Platonic Dualism
Playboy FAQ
Please Help Us Find Animal Cruelty Hit And Run
Pleiadian Messages by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan  
Pocket Gophers
Poems of Arlen Riley Wilson, Selected 
Poetry Machine - Just Roll the Dice
Police Humor Top Ten Lists
Polish Philosophy
 Presidential Campaign Memorabilia - Duke University - GREAT
Political Science Links - Resources
Pompous Webring - 17 Members
Pooh Comer, The Page at
Popes, The List of
Popeye Statue - Arkansas, Illinois and Texas
Porphyry on Cult Images - Neoplatonic Philosopher
Portal to Other Worlds -Astronomy/Chakras/Alternative/Divination
Post-it Theatre - Flipbook Entertainment 
Position Calculator -  answer a series of questions, and you'll be
 given detailed instructions for new and unusual positions, 
 including graphic illustrations
Postcard Homepage - Good Resource
Potato Cannon Fun Page
Potato Cannons of the Internet Webring - 32 Sites
POW/MIA Search
Prairie Moon Folk Art - Wisconsin
Prayers, Orthodox
Pre-Quarks/Zero Mass Black Holes/Vector Energy and Rings
Precious Moments Chapel - Missouri 
Predictable Astronomical Events
Predictions: Sollog the Predictor
Predictions, End of the World  
Pregnancy and Parenting Info Resources - AWESOME
Presidents Elected in "0" Years - Who2 Loop
Presocratic Fragments and Testimonials
Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization 
Principia Discordia - Confusion For a New Generation
Principia Cybernetica Web
Pro-Choice Views by Margaret Sykes -
Pro-Life Views by Christina Dunigan -
Profession Jokes
Program for Extraordinary Experience Research - PEER 
Project: Denny's
Project Judaica Foundation
Project Rishi Society
Projectiology and Conscientology, International Institute of
Proof for the Existence of God
Prophecies about the Papacy - The Malachi List
Prophets and Prophecies - An Index
Prostitution Arrest Photos - St Paul, Minnesota
Protect and Survive - Archive of UK Civil Defense Material
Proud to be a BITCH Webring - 29 Members
PSI Tech
PSYCHE  - Neuroscience Cognitive Science
Psychedelic Crisis FAQ
Psychic and Spiritual Development  
Psychic Chicken Network 
Psychic Detective - Hillhouse Investigations - Humorous
Psychic Phenomena - Omni Magazine
Psychic Research, New England Society for 
Psychics Around the World Webring - 10 Members
Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing
Psychological Hoaxes and Other Hoaxes
Psychology Resources, Self-Help and
Psychology of Religion
Psychology of Religion - Homepage
Psychology WWW Virtual Library
Psychweb - Psychology Resources
Public Broadcasting Center - PBS
Public Relations by Jeff Domansky -
Publisher's Catalogues  - Find Publishers on the Web
Publishing by Wendy Butler -
Puck-Politics and Satire in the Gilded Age
Pulitzer Prize Web Site - a Prostitute Finder in the United Kingdom 
Pursuit Watch Network - Live Police Pursuit Service
Put OJ Simpson in Jail - Java Game
Puzzle Depot - Trivia/Puzzles/Games
Pyramids, Japan Underwater
Pyramids Made With Concrete
Pyramids of Mars and Egypt
Pyrotechnics FAQ
Pythagoras, The School of
Pythagorean Brotherhood, The 






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