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What are cookies?
  • A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that is transferred from a Web site to the hard drive of your computer.

  • This unique number usually contains your IP address, a time and date, and information about your visit to a website. But no personal information.

  • An IP address is like your house address on the Internet.

  • The information a cookie stores depends on who is placing the cookie.

  • Most cookies are used passively to track activities on a Web site, such as storing Web site preferences, and are generally deleted when you leave the website. They can also be used to automatically supply a password for a subscription-only site. These stay on your computer and are necessary for you to use that Web site.

  • Advertising cookies are active and are used to track your Internet browsing activities. These cookies stay on your machine and are "called" at predetermined intervals by a marketer.

  • In the latter case, these can be used to collect information about an online shopper's preferences so that electronic marketers can target their offerings to that individual.

  • Don't delete cookies without learning more about them.

  • To learn more about computer cookies, visit my Information about Cookies page.

  • Or visit The Electronic Privacy Information Center's Cookie Page
    and the The Cookie Concept - from

What information does this website collect? 
  • This website is privately owned and operated,  and does not use cookies. 

  • An email newsletter is being developed and in this case a person's mailing address will be necessary to subscribe. These will only be used for subscriptions.

  • More information will become available when newsletter subscriptions are being accepted.


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