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New Age

Brain Food - It's All in Your Head


Consciousness, Metaphysical, Parapsychology, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Tao, The Mind


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Metaphysical and Science E-Zines    
Metaphysical Quotes - And Lots of Them
Metaphysics - FAQ
Metaphysics Research Lab, The
Metaphysics - Multiple Meanings
Spiritual and Metaphysical: Higher Realm






Chuang-tse, Zhuangzi
Confucius, Analects of
Darshana Indian Philosophy Page
Ecological Philosophy
Greek Philosophy
Hippias - Philosophy Search Engine
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
K'ung Fu-Tzu, The Analects Of - aka Confucius
Indian Philosophy and Religion
Page at Pooh Comer, The
Philosophy - Religion and Belief's section, Earth Station Nine
Polish Philosophy
Porphyry on Cult Images - Neoplatonic Philosopher
Pythagoras, The School of
Pythagorean Brotherhood, The 
Seicho-No-Ie - Truth of Life a Philosophy
Teachings of Ching Hai - Female Master- Quan Yin Method
Thinkers and Visionaries, Great
Thinking Hurts FAQ
Timothy Leary Homepage, The
Traditional Wisdom, Tales of
Women in Philosophy - NEOMA - Over 5000 
Women Philosophers  
Zen and The Art of Debunkery
Zen Stories to Tell your Neighbors




Anthropology by Alexander F. Christensen - About.com
Anthropology - Web Sites
Anthropology - WWW Virtual Library
Avalon Knowledge Bank, Isle of
Communion Foundation Homepage, The
Conspiracies Home Page, Encyclopaedia of
Cynics Sanctuary, The
East Asian History Sourcebook, Internet
East Asian Language and Thought, Resources for the Study of
Esoterica - Seven Gates
Gawain's House of Light - Pleiadian Messages
High Vibrations - Light/Music/Nature
Higher Realms
 Astral Projection/Auras/Chakras/Crystals/Reincarnation
Ideology, Systematic 
Masters of the Non-Teaching - Wisdom, Enlightenment
Mind Tribes and the Arrival of Others - Lightworkers
Mystical Stepping Stones 
Presocratic Fragments and Testimonials
Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization 
Principia Discordia - Confusion For a New Generation
Principia Cybernetica Web
Pro-Choice Views by Margaret Sykes - About.com
Pro-Life Views by Christina Dunigan - About.com
PSI Tech
Realities  - Challenge Your Need to Accept Reality
Reverse Speech, The World of 
Reverse Speech 2000
Sivananda Yoga "Om" Page
Smoking Gun, The - Freedom of Information Act Cool, Confidential
 and Quirky  Documents  that can't be Found Elsewhere on the 
Support FAQ
Surrealism Page, The 
Sustainable Development, The International Institute for - IISD
Systematic Ideology
The Universe of Thought
Voynich Manuscript Transcription Project, The European














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