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New Updates and Information
  • World's Fair Stamp section. 

  • 1936-37 Great Lakes Exposition and Expo 70 Pictures

  • A small problem has been discovered by people finding my website through search engines. The 'back' button on your browser will keep reloading my page instead of returning you to your previously visited location. This happens because my website uses javascript for navigation and loads two pages for every page you visit (index page on the left, and the accessed page on the right). A work around to this problem is to left mouse click on the small 'arrow' to the right of your browsers 'back' button and go back two pages. I'm presently working on a different means of navigation which will correct this problem. 

  • Website banners created by "red". Visit the Support Earth Station 9 page and download one for your website. 

  • Stan's Search Engine Guide - The Wonderful World of Search Engines and Web Directories.  It's time for the "The Search Engine Shuffle". 

  • 99% of links open in a new window. I did this for a reason. I'm using a JavaScript menu and any link, when clicked-on, would show up in my frame. I didn't want that so I made all external links open in a new window. 

  • Improved Website Search Engine with Stan's Deluxe Search Box for Web Searching. I put them both on one page so you can have the best of both worlds.

  • Coming: Updates on the World's Fair and Exposition Information and Reference Guide.

General Information 
  • The Main Menu is on the left. Just click on the category and the header page for that section will appear. 

  • Click on the red help books next to the category and the index will expand.

  • Each category page has an index and directions for bookmarking that page. 

  • Please note: When bookmarking pages, the page displayed on the URL address bar will be the page that is bookmarked. If the URL address reads only, then you'll be bookmarking only the main index page. 

  • Link additions are accepted, just send an email with your websites address. And pick a category and a page where you would like your link placed.

  • If  your link is on my website and you don't want it here, just let me know where it's located and I'll remove it.

  • This website is not endorsed, in whole or part, by any product, individual or company that has a link on this website.

Copyright - Copyleft
  • Information on this website is provided for educational purposes only.

  • Map and Flag images are in the US public domain.

  • Earth Station 9 Banners & Logo 2001-2002 red.

  • Articles, creative endeavors, images, stories and photographs on this website are owned and copyright property of Stan Daniloski unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved.

  • For permission to reprint any article or 'guide' from Earth Station 9, please contact 

By using this website you agree to the following ....
  • The webmaster is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, and other materials on or available from websites or resources that have a link on this website.

  • The owner of this website, his web host provider and their third party service providers shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of this website.

  • User agrees that use of this website is at your own risk and that information and links are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.

  • And just in case: Dolphin safe. Batteries not included. Freshness guaranteed. Don't remove this tag. Don't use in the shower. Actual mileage may vary. Do not use while driving. Discontinue use if rash persists. Offer void where prohibited by law. Objects appear larger than they actually are.

  • Enjoy your Stay  -  The Mayor


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