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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The A's, Part 1


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A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys - by Mikki Halpin and Victoria Maat 
Aah! The Cosmic Love Pages!
A New Chronology - An Overall View
A Treasury of Police Humor 
A Very Crazy Photo Gallery
Aah! The Cosmic Love Pages!
Abacus, The - The Art of Counting with Beads
Abbott and Costello Home Page - Great Design and Layout
Abhidhyan Yoga Institute
Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library
Above Top Secret - Uncovering Government Conspiracies 
Abuse Pages, Blain Nelson's
ABZU-Oriental Institute Research Archives
Academic Info - Gateway to Quality Internet Resources
Academic Resources - University of Maryland - InforM
Acoustic Neuroma/Cranial Base Index
Acronyms Dictionary, Usenet
Acupuncture - All Ads, All The Time
Adams Rifki's Activism Links Page
Addictions - Abundance of Information About Addictive Behavior
Adflip - Largest Archive of Classic Print Ads 
Admiral Ackbar For President
Adolescent Adulthood
 Learn all about Flirting, Dating and Dumping
Adventures Beyond the Realm of Science
Adventureology - Cycle Touring in South America 
 Over 7000 between 1911 and 1955 - Duke University
Advaita Vendata
Advaita Vendata and Modern Science
 An Online Book by John Dobson
Adventures Beyond the Realm of Science
Advice Lady
Aeclectic -  Tarot Cards From a 160+ Tarot and Divination Decks
Aeon - A Journal of Myth and Science
Aesclepian Chronicles
Aether, Theories of
Aether, Modern Scientific Theories of the
AFI 100 Greatest Movies
Africa - Historical Text Archive 
Africa For Visitors by Steven Venter -
Africa Links and Resources -
 under Africa  in the International Countries Category 
African Studies - under the Reference Desk category
Africa Web Links - An Annotated Resource
Africa, Human Origins and Evolution in  
Afro-American Newspaper, Baltimore - Newspaper Archive 
Agent Steal's aka Justin Petersen's Website
Agricultural Crash Monument - Illinois
Agriculture Info Resources - AWESOME 
Ain't No Way to Go 
Aircraft - Aviation and AMARC Homepage, Paul's 
Aircraft - Aviation Links 
Aircraft, Mysterious and Unique  
Airlines and Airports
Airlines of the Web
Air Sports International -
 Monthly Magazine for Air Sports Enthusiasts
Airship Disaster Memorial - Ohio
Airtoons - The Wording Behind the Airline Safety Cards
Akashic, The - Gnostic/Western Esotericism/Neo-Paganism
Akhet Hwt-Hrw
 Temple and School of the Religion of Ancient Egypt
Al Capone 
Alan Watts Electronic University
Alan Watts - Lectures and Essays
Alberta UFO Research Association
Alchemical Writings
Alchemiea Basica - Alchemy for the 'Historically Impaired'
Alchemy Web Site and Virtual Library, The
Alchemy - An On-Line Library
Alchemy Website and Virtual Library - 90MBs - 7 Languages
Alchemy WWW Virtual Library - An AWESOME Resource
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity Of Light
Aleister Crowley Index, The Works of
Alex Chiu's Eternal Life Device
Alexander Technique - The Complete Guide
Alexandria on the Web
 Cosmology/Philosophy/Myth and Culture
Alferd Packer Massacre Site - Colorado
Alien Autopsy - Even Has a Step-by-Step Handbook 
Alien Exchange
Alien Found in Israel
Alien Jigsaw, The - True Experiences of Alien Abduction
Aliens - Disinformation 
Aliens - Extraterrestrial
Aliens and UFOs Around Us - Do You Believe?
Aliens, Extraterrestrial Biological Beings, In Search of
AL's Cosmic Connection 
All-Movie Guide -
All My Children Fans by Gloria Dasch - - An Online Test Search Engine and Guide 
All Things Strange
Allen Grey Wolf
Almanac of Disasters
Almost Assassinated! - Who2 Loop
Almost World's Largest Twine Ball - Kansas
Alpheus - Esoteric Interpretation of History
alt.conspiracy.princess-diana Online Newsgroup Archives
Altamaha-Ha - Lake Monster
Altapedia On-Line - Part Atlas/Part Encyclopedia
Altar to the Eclectic
Altered States - The Light Show Within
Altered State of Consciousness Center
Alternative Free and New Energy
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Topics
 Very resourceful page
Alternative Medicine, Ask Noah About
Alternative Medicine Homepage, The
Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Alternate Realities in Art and Thought
Alternative Therapies in Health and Science
Alternatives Dictionary, The
 Pick a Language, Learn Slang in 79 Languages 
AlterVistas - a Search Engine for Bizarre Webpages 
  Courtesy of Two Students from Bournemouth, England
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie -AFDB - Sheild Your Brain 
 from Electromagnetic Psychotronic Mind-control Carriers 
Amazing Send-Me-A-Dollar Website
Amazing Netscape Fish Cam
America's West 
Amateur Aromatherapy
Amateur Photography by C. Elizabeth Vest -
Amazing Insights - by Michael Dewayne Fortner - 
 Scripture, Genesis, Ezekiel's Wheels, Bible Prophecy
Amazons in Greek Mythology
Amazons in the Sky
Ambigram Matic
America, Roadside
America's Best Dead Cave Explorer - Kentucky
America's Castles
America's Excellent Electric Chairs
 Roadside America Attractions
America's Funniest Home Videos 
America's Glamorous Gas Chambers 
America's Little Mermaid - Iowa
America's Stonehenge - New Hampshire
America's West 
American Cave Museum - Kentucky
Amer-I-Can Daredevil Evel Knievel
American Advertising Museum - Portland, Oregon
American Funeral Museum - Texas
American History by David Schwalbe -
American Museum of Natural History Official Statement on Mass Extinction
American Nuclear Society
American Police Museum - Illinois
American Pop! Clip-o-rama, AMC's  
American Whole Health Info Library
American Sheet Music, Historic  
American Tennessee Fainting Goat Association - Montana
AmericanHurrah - Turn of the Century San Francisco
Americans for Cloning Elvis - ACE
Ames Brothers Pyramid - Wyoming
Amish Of Lancaster - Some History
Amityville - The Official Warrens Homepage
Amos: the Big Amish Man - Pennsylvania
Amusement Parks and Roller Coaster Links
Anachronism, The Society for Creative
Annagram Fun 
Anagram Server, Internet -
 Neat Site, just type in a Word and Voila! Anagram
Anathema Research - Paranormal/Conspiracy/Fringe Culture
Ancient Alphabets and Mythic Symbols + Scientific and Technical Fonts 
Ancient and Classical History by N.S. Gill -
Ancient and Lost Civilizations  
Ancient Astronaut Society
Ancient Chinese Fables
Ancient Civilizations seen through CG - Great 3D Maps
Ancient Cultures of the Andes - Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Ecuador
Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple
Ancient Healing Stones
 Stones with Healing Characteristic's and Chakra's
Ancient History Sourcebook, Internet  
Ancient Mayan Texts
Ancient Phoenicians
Ancient Rome - Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know
Ancient Scotland
Ancient Scripts of the World
Ancient Stoicism
Ancient Wessex
Ancient Wisdom and Folly - Up to 30 BC
Ancient Wisdom Home Page, The - AWESOME Resource






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