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Military Resources

Active Duty and Military Family Resources


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All For Our Military - An Email/Pen Pal Support for our Military
Allexperts Military Policies and Weapons  
American Military Forces United Webring - 83 Sites
Armed Forces Wives Ring - 30 Sites
Army Exhibitions and Conferences -
Army Family Webring - 9 Sites
Army Guard Organization - Michigan Army National Guard - Online Army-Navy Directory
Defense Finance and Accounting Service - DFAS
Enlisting in the United States Military - Information
Equipment Training and Support News - Quarterly Publication  
I Love My Navy Sailor Webring - 7 Sites
I Love My Military Man Webring - 4 Sites
Imagery Analyst Network  
LifeLines - Active Duty
Malachi Ministries - Yokota Air Base, Japan - Web Portal
Military Bases - Military Bases Locator
Military Brats Webring - 11 Sites
Military Community Directories - Re-location Resources
Military Divorce On-Line  
Military Families Webring - 178 Sites
Military Graphics Collection  
Military News and Guide - Seoul World - Yongsan, Seoul
Military Q & A  
Military Quotations
Military Relocation Network  
Military Roommates
 A Database of Rooms for Rent and Available Roommates
Military Spouse Support Ring - 19 Sites
Military-net - An Armed Forces Community - Information and Resources
Mr' W's Home Page
 Active Military, Retiree & Veterans Information
US Navy Advancement Study Guide and Bupers Update
North American Special Operations Group - NASOG
Online Military Resource - TROA 
OpenHere - Government, Military, Online Resources
The Young Military Wives' Webring - 32 Members
US Navy Wives Ring - 3 Sites  
Veterans News and Information Service






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