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Health and Medicine

Alternative Medicine and Therapies


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Alternative Medicine

Abhidhyan Yoga Institute
Academy for Guided Imagery - Using the Power of the Mind
Achoo Gateway to Healthcare
Acoustic Neuroma Index
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Links 
Addictions - Abundance of Information About Addictive Behavior
Advice on Ear, Nose and Throat Problems - Naturally
Aesclepian Chronicles
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Center
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Links
Alternative and Complementary Therapies
Alternative Cure's for All Diseases
Alternative Health and Spiritual Search Engine -
Alternative Medicine - MedLinePlus
Alternative Medicine, Ask Noah About
Alternative Medicine Homepage
Alternative Medicine Network 
Alternative Medicine Resource Guide
Alternative Medicine Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Alternative Veterinary Medicine
Alternative Therapies in Health and Science
AMIA -  American Medical Informatics Association
Amalgam-Related Illness FAQ - Dental Filings
Ancient Healing Stones
 Stones with Healing Characteristic's and Chakra's
Animal Healing, Holistic Healing
AsiaScience - Feng Shui, Herbs
Ayurvedic Foundations
Ayurvedic Health Center
Ayurveda Holistic Center
Bastyr University Research Center - Complementery Medicine
Bayer Health Village 
Biology -
Body, Mind and Health
Botanical .com - Homepage
Botanical .com - Plant and Herb Index, Recipes, Poisons
Brain, The Whole Brain Atlas - A Neat Site
Brain Lateralization and Primate Handedness Research
Breathe, Natural
  Western Somatic and Eastern Spiritual Approaches
Breathe, The Healing
Breathing -
Breathings, House of - Celtic and Contemplative Spirituality
Calm Spirit Magazine On-Line - Tibetan Medicine and Related
Carniverous Plant FAQ
Carniverous Plant Society, International
CCplanet - Holistic Community - Environment and Spirituality
Center for Alternative Medicine
 Osher Institute at Harvard Medical School
Chinese Plants and Medicine
Chiro-Web - Chiropractic Resources
Chiropractic FAQ
Chiropractic Resource Organization - Health, Alternative and 
 Conventional Medicine Articles and Interviews 
Color Energy Therapy
Color Therapy Healing
Colors, The Meaning of
Colors and Qualities
Complete Internet List of Homeopatic Medical Journals
Conventional Biomedicine Links
Cosmic Spectrum of Human Types -
 Objective Types Matching Directory
Directory of Reiki Practioneers/Therapists
 Personal Growth and Wellness
Doc Misha's Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine
 Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr Bower's Complementary Medicine Home Page:
Dr Shmuel Halevi's Consultation Room for Alternative Medicine -
 Chinese Medicines
Drug FAQ
EatToHeal - Let your foods do it
Electrical Sensitivity - Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
EMDR Institute - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
EMF Safety Superstore 
Energetic Arts - Reiki, EMF Balancing, Tachyon Energy, and more
Enneagram, The Essential
Enneagram and the Spectrum of Human Types - Nine Body Types
Enneagram Institute, The
Erowid Psychoactive Vaults -
 Plants, Drugs, Mind, Spirit, Law, Science
Entheogenic Database and Community - The Lycaeum
Ethnobotanical and Phytochemical Databases
False Memory Syndrome Foundation, The
Fasting - Article
Fasting, Juicing, Water Fastingg - Article
Fasting: 70 Matters Relating to Fasting
Fasting Center International
Fasts and Cleanses Page, The
Folk Medicine - Google Directory
Folk Medicine - Resources
Folk Medicine - UCLA Folklore Archive Resource
Folk Medicine Forum
FreedomYou - Fasting, Addicition, Nutrition
Giovanni Maciocia's Website - Chinese Medicine
Global Brain/Superorganism Resources
Gnosis Archive - Gnosticism - Alternative Healing and Spiritual Directory 
Great American Quacks
 The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
Guided Imagery - Using the Power of the Mind in Healing
Hanna Somatic Education - Pain Abatement/Fitness Enhancement
Harp Therapy Journal 
Healing Touch International
Healing Methods - Alternative Methods and Technique
HealthWWWeb - Health Resources and Information
Healthy and Natural Journal
Healthy Way - Resources
Herbal Guide - Illustrated - over 500 Plants
HerbMed - Interactive, Electronic Herbal Database 
Holistic Health Yellow Pages and Supersite
Homeopathic FAQ 
Homeopathic FAQ - for Pets
Homeopathic Internet Resources List
Homeopathy - Resources
Homeopathy, National Center for
Homeopathy Home
Human Anatomy On-Line
Hypnosis - All Your Hypnosis Needs - It's Different
Hypnotica - You're Feeling Sleepy 
Hyptnotherapist - Dr. Bruce Goldberg
Hypnotic Scripts
IBIS: Integrative Body Mind Information System
Integrative Medicine and Natural Health
International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientology
International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
Jane's Brain Page - Brain Chemistry
Kirlian Bio Energy
Kundalini - New Age Section of Earth Station 9
Light Technology
Lightworks - Dedicated to Awakening Consciousness
Los Gatos Longevity Institute - AntiAging Medicine
Massage Therapy Home Page
Medical and Health Organizations and Associations Links
Medical and Health Resources
Medical and Health Resources -
Medical Anthropology Resources
Medical Marijuana Web Site
Medicinal Herbs FAQ
Medicine FAQ
Medicine Plants
Medicine Plants - Animals use of  Plants for Medicine
Meditation - FAQ
Meditation - Free Online Book and Course
Meditation - MerKaBa
Meditation - Walking Meditation
Meditation: MerKaBa Meditation and The Unity Breath Meditation
Medlina - Directory of Health, Medicine and Human Life Sciences
Medsite - Online Resource for Medical Information
Michael Tierra's Planetary Herbology, Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Website
Music: A Folk Medicine From The Beginning of Time
Music Therapy Info Link
Mystic Gateway Holistic Center
National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine - NIAM
National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine - NIH
Natural Death Center, The - UK
Natural Health and Longetivity Resource Center
Natural Pharmacist - Science-Based Natural Health Information 
Natural Therapeutics, The New Mexico School of
Naturopathic Medicine - Homepage
Naturopathic Medicine - Naturodoc
Naturopathic Medicine in the UK 
Naturopathic Medicine Network
Naturopathic Physician -
Near-Death Studies, The International Institute for
New Age -
New Age Dictionary
New Age Directory of Planet Earth - Mystic Earth
New Age Page
New Age Related Sites - DMOZ
New Age Spirituality
New Age Travel
New Age Web Works Links Index - Great Page
New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts in Santa Fe
OncoLink - Abramson Cancer Center
OneBody - Complimentary and Alternative Health
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
Organic Foods and Information
Orgonomic Research Exchange, Public -
Osteopathic Medicine International WWW Resource Website
Plants - Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
Plants National Database - USDA
Poison Center, National Capitol
Poisonous Plants Homepage
ProTree Alternative Information Center - PAIC
Reflexology, Home of
Reflexology Research
Reiki FAQ
Reiki On-Line Manual - Spirituality and Natural Healing
Reiki Page, The - Spirituality and Natural Healing
Reiki Training, International Center for 
Repressed Memory Therapy
Rosenthal Center for Alternative/Complementary Medicine
 Columbia University
Scientific and Medical Network
Self-Help Magazine
Sexuality, History of
Shamanism - Animal Spirit Guides
Shamanism Webring - 279 Sites
Shiatsu FAQ -
Shiatsu Society 
Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dreams Research
Sleep Paralysis, Hag Phenomena
Society for Ethnomedicine
Society for Human Sexuality - Good Site for Anyone
Society of Behavioral Medicine - Resource for Back Pain
Stress - WWW Virtual Library
Stretch Central
Substance Abuse -
Suicide FAQ
Suicide Methods FAQ
Synchronicity Foundation - Contemporary Meditation 
Synchronicity FAQ 
Synchronicity Resources 
Tai Chi - Resources 
Tai Chi - - Great Resource 
Tai Chi: Eastern Practices - 
Tara Rokpa
Tara Rokpa Therapy - Method of Psychotherapy Bringing 
 Together Eastern and Western Understandings
The Crystalline Health Primer
The Interactive Worldwork Website
The Journal of Chinese Medicine
The Open Center - Holistic Healing and World Culture
The Permutations of Expression - 
Tibetan Medicine - Resources
Tibetan Medicine - Yuthog Foundation
Tibetan Studies - WWW Virtual Library
Transcendental Meditation, Scientific Research on
Vegetarian FAQ
Vegetarian Pages
Vigconic - Herbal medicines to Fight Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS
Virtual Medical Centre - Martindale's Health Science Guide
Whole-Hearted Healing Therapy
WholeHealthMD - Alternative Medicine - Bodywork and Natural Healing Center
Your HealthOnline




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