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Health and Medicine

Amputee Resources


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Amputee Resources

Alberta Amputee Sport and Recreation Association
Amp Life - Amputees Looking for Prosthetics, 
 Devices, Prosthesists, Support Groups or Related 
Amputee Links
Amputation Resource Collection
Amputee Coalition of America
Amputee Information Network
Amputee Information Resource Center
Amputee Net Center
Amputee Online - Online Resource 
Amputee Resource Foundation of America
Amputee Sources on the Web
Amputee Support and Life
Amputee Treatment Center
Amputee Web Site
Child Amputee Home Page
Dragon Works Amputee Connection
ISP: International Society for Prostethics and Orthetics
Joni's Amputee Information Page
Links Page for Amputees
Northern Nevada Amputee Support Group
One-Handed Resources
Orthopedic Resources
Orthotics and Prostethics Online Community
Paraplegia News
Resources for Amputees
  Esmerel's Collection of Disability Resources
Socks-M-Stuff To Go
Stumps 'R Us  - Online Amputee Support Group
Teresa's Amputee Links
United Amputee Services Association Inc.
War Amps of Canada
Western Amputee Support Alliance
World Amputee Fund






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