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Amatuer Astronomy from Scotland
American Lunar Society
Ames Research Center Main Page
Anomalous Meteor Phenomena - Uk
Armagh Planetarium - Ireland
Ask the Astronomer
Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards - NASA
Astro Calendar - Carnegie Science Center 
Astronomical Telescopes, Global Network of 
Astronomy - NewsReality
Astronomy Journal Database Query Page - Harvard University
Astronomy Picture of the Day 
Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive 
Astronomy Research - Meta Research - Up to Date
Astronomy Resources - Google Web Directory 
Astrophysics - NASA Data System 
Astrophysics, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for - Lots of Big Words 
Astroweb - Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet 
Aurora - Information and Images 
Aurora Page 
Big Ear Radio Observatory
Birr Castle Demesne - Ireland
Black Holes and Neutron Stars
Bradford Robotic Telescope Observatory - UK
British Astronomical Association
Cassini - NASA
Cassini - Sailing to Saturn - Discovery Channel
Cassini - To Saturn
Cassini Probe to Saturn - NASA
Comet Observation Home Page - NASA
Cork Astronomy Society - Ireland
CSETI - Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
CWRU Nassau Robotic Telescope
Dragon in Space - China in Space
Dunsink Observatory - Ireland
Earth from Space - 75,000 Images 
Encounter 2001
Erk's Black Hole Pages
ESA's Huygens Probe - Netherlands
Europa Clickable Maps - NASA
European Southern Observatory
Exploring Mars
Galileo - Countdown to Jupiter - NASA
Galileo Homepage - NASA
Galileo Messenger - NASA
Galileo Probe - NASA
Geostationary Satellite Server - real-time satellite images
Great Circle Distance Calculator
Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center
History of Astronomy: Archives and Libraries
Human Spaceflight - NASA
IAU- Minor Planet Center - Harvard
International Meteor Organization
International Space Station - Germany
International Space Station - NASA
Internet Surfboard for Aerospace Subjects - BIG  
IPS Radio and Space Services - Australian Government  
Irish Astronomical Association
Irish Astronomical Society
Jet Propulsion Lab's Space Calendar
Journey to Saturn - CNN
Kuiper Belt Homepage - Hawaii
London Planetarium
Looking for Life - MSNBC
LunarPhase Pro - CD for Sale
 - Moon Observers Toolkit from
Mars Academy
Marc Buie's Pluto Page - Lowell
Meteor Hunters
Meteor Showers for 1998 - UK
Mission to Planet Earth - NASA
NASA Ames Research Center Search Engine 
NASA Homepage
NASA Image Exchange
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab's Near-Earth Object Program
NASA Observatorium - Planet Earth
NASA Photo Gallery 
NASA Space Link
NASA Space Shuttle Reports
NASA Technical Reports
NASA Television 
NASA's Mars Web
NASA's Origins Program
National Space Science Data Center Photo Gallery
National Space Society On-Line
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
Near Earth Objects - Comets/Meteors  
NED - NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
Neptune - NASA
Night Sky Observer
NGC/IC Project
Nine Planets, The - a multimedia tour of the solar system
NOVA Online - PBS
NSO Mars Page - Ireland
NSO Moon Page - Ireland
Observable Comets - Harvard
Paranal Observatory
Planetary Data System - NASA
Pluto - NASA
Pre-Quarks/Zero Mass Black Holes/Vector Energy Rings  
Predictable Astronomical Events  
Project Galileo - NASA
Red Sprites and Blue Jets  
Robotic Solar Viewing Telescope and BBS  
Rotary Rocket Company
Satellite Encyclopedia
SCUBA for the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope - Hawaii
SEDS - Limerick,Ireland
SETI@home - Berkeley
SETI Institute
SETI Australia Centre
Shannonside Astronomy Club
Shuttle Countdown Online
SIMBAD Astronomical Database
SkyScopes - Space Exploration Information
SkyView Virtual Observatory - NASA
Sloan Digital Sky Survey - The Most Ambitious Astronomical Survey Project Ever Undertaken
Small Comets - Iowa State University
Society for Popular Astronomy
SOHO Real-Time Data - Netherlands
Solar Images  
Solar System Live  
Some Stars Older Than the Universe?  
Space by Mark Filetti -
Space - The Black Vault - 752 Pages
Space, Mysteries of  Space  
Space and Astronomy Acronyms  
Space and Astronomy for Kids by Cynthia Phillips -
Space Image Archive 
Space Library - NASA
Space News Online  
Space Objects, Messier Deep  
Space Science Data Center Photo Gallery, National  
Space Society Online, National  
Space Sciences and Related Organizations of the World  
Star Myths and Constellation Lore 
Star Maps - Ancient World  
Star Worlds - Large Searchable Directory of Organizations, etc.
Starchaser Foundation - UK
Stardust Home Page - NASA
Static and Non-Static Cosmologies -
 Friedmann-Lemaître-Robertson-Walker Cosmological Model
Stephen Cramer's Home Page - Astrophysicist  
Stephen Hawking's Universe  
Sterrenkundig Instituut UvA  
Sunset Database - Daily
The Aurora Page
The Face of Venus
The International Meteor Organisation
The Irish Astronomical Society
The Meteorite Exchange
The Planetary Society
The Pluto-Kuiper Express - NASA
The Search for Distant Voices
The South African Astronomical Observatory
The Spacewatch Project - Arizona
The Vela Super Nova  
The WIRE Mission - NASA
This day in Astro(nomy) History
Tide Predictions - NOAA
Trinity Astronomy and Space Society - Ireland
Tullamore Astronomical Society - Ireland
Uranus - NASA
Venus FMAPs - NASA
Views of the Solar System 
Visible Earth - NASA - Animations, Images, Visualizations
Voyager Project - NASA
Windows to the Universe - Earth and Space 
WIRE - Wide Field Infrared Explorer - NASA
Yohkoh Public Outreach Project - Montana



Astronomy Related Webrings

ACHAYA: Anillo Astronomico Ring - 4 Sites
Amatuer Astronomy - 8 Sites
Astro Commlink Webring - 6 Sites
Astronomers Past and Present - 4 Sites
Astronomy: Support Your Local Astronomer - 57 Sites
Astronomy Webring - 78 Sites
Anillo Argentino de Astronomía - 8 Sites
Anillo Astronómico - 147 Sites
Astronomy & Space Ring - 24 Sites
Astronomy Clubs - 12 Sites
Astronomy Pictures - 169 Sites
CCD Astrophotography - 70 Sites
Celestron 5 SCT Ring - 9 Sites
Cosmology WebRing - 6 Sites
COSMOS Astronomical Web Ring - 39 Sites
Cyprus Astronomy of Marios Iordanou - 5 Sites
ETX Webring - 23 Sites Webring - 12 Sites
Milky Way Astronomy Club Web Ring - 112 Sites
RASC Member Home Pages Web Ring - 28 Sites
Radio Astronomy Web Ring - 34 Sites
Ring Around the Moon - 17 Sites
Sauvons la Grande Lunette de Meudon Ring - 11 Sites
Scope Drive Ring  - 25 Sites
See View Observatory Webring - 4 Sites
SETI Projects Webrings - 57 Sites
SETI Webring - 77 Sites
SETI@home WebRing - 4 Sites
Solar Space Station Webring - 7 Sites
Students of the Kapteyn Institute - 4 Sites
Sundials Webring - 6 Sites
The Planetary SETI Webring - 4 Sites
The World Wide Astronomy WebRing  - 7 Sites
The Zodiac Webring - 9 Sites
Uranoscope: Les Sites des Membres - 8 Sites
Western Observer's Webring WOW sponsored by LVAS - 15 Sites



Newsletters - Comets and Meteors

Comet Information - Nine Planets and the Sun
Comets and Meteor Showers
Geminids Meteor Shower - NASA
International Comet Quarterly - Harvard University
Meteorites and Their Properties - University of Arizona
Relationship between Meteor Showers and Comets
 Lowell University







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