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General Information - The C's, Part 1


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Cabbage Patch Doll Births - Georgia
Cabin of the Root Beer Lady
Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Webpage
Cafeteria Dedicated to a Cannibal - Colorado
Calculator the Dog Monument - Georgia
Calendar, Roma
California Historical Society 
CameraPlanet - Multi-Channel Internet Based 
 Television Network where the Viewer is the Story Teller
Campaign For Dark Skies - About Excessive Night Time Lighting
Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology FAQ
Candy Man - Snack Reviews 
Candy Wrapper Hall of Fame
Carhenge - Stonehenge with Autos - Nebraska
Carnivorous Plant Archive Page, The 
Carnivorious Plant Database 
CardCentral - Links to Hundreds of Virtual Postcards Sites
Carpet Viking Statue - New Jersey
Cars -
Cars on a Spike - Illinois
Cartography Resources
 Commercial Mapping WWW Virtual Library
Cartoon Webring Index - 854 Sites
Casino Gambling -
Cassini and The Trip to Saturn, In Search of NASA's
Castaneda's Magical Passes, Carlos  
Castle, Vampire
Castle of Spirits - Entities, Spirits, Poltergeists, over 600 Stories
Castles on the Web - Everything Castle's
Catacombs of Rome, Christian
Catalog of Bunyans - Paul Bunyan - North Dakota
Catapult Museum On-Line, The
Cathedral of St Paul Restoration Project
Catholic Encyclopedia, The
Catholic Encyclopedia  - Another Site
Catholic Files
Catholic Online Saints and Angels
Catholic Resources on the Net
Catholic Website - New Advent
Cats - Net-Vet - E-Text Veterinary Services
CAUS - Citizens Against UFO Secrecy
Cavers’ Slang Dictionary
Cayce, Journal of
CB Codes 10-17
Cedar Crest College - One INCREDIBLE List of Resources
Celebs Missing Fingers - Who2 Loop
Celestial Atlas, The Golden Age of the
Celtic and Contemplative Spirituality - House of Breathings
Celtic Druidism
Celtic Heart
Celtic Mythology 
Celtic Mythology, Animal Symbolism in 
Celtic Music Archive, Ceolas
Celtica - Croeso I
Celts, The Encyclopaedia of the
Cemeteries - Cities of the Dead, New Orleans
Cemeteries, New Orleans - Cities of the Dead
Cemetery Illusions Webring - 19 Members
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Center For The Easily Amused, The - Jocularity
Centralia Mine Fire - Pennsylvania
Centre for Shopping Cart Abuse Prevention, The
Cfarwydd - Welsh Folklore and Storytelling
Chakras by Paul, The
Chalice of the First Sacrament
 Peredur and the Cult of the Severed Head
Champ - The Lake Champlain Sea Monster
Champ - The Lake Champlain Sea Monster - A Short History
Champ Quest - Lake Champlain Sea Monster
Champion Milk Cow Statue - Washington State
Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree - California
Chaos Matrix
Chaos, Satan and the Forces of
Charles Ponzi and his Pyramid 
Chief Henry - World's Most Photographed Indian - North Carolina
Chinese Cultural Studies
Chinese Philosophical E-Text Archive
Chinese Philosophy Page, The
Charlotte's Syndrome - Earthquake Prediction and Mt.St. Helens
Charola/Lapinha - Portuguese Myths
Chassidut, Torah and Jewish Spirituality, Center for
Chat Links around the World, Emporium's
Cheese - More Than You Could Possibly Want To Know 
Chemical Engineering by Bernhard Spang -
Chemistry -
Chemistry WWW Virtual Library
Chess -
Chicago Fire 
Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory, The Great
Child Neurology Home Page
Child Sexual Abuse Resources 
Chimpanzees, The World of 
Chinese Cultural Studies
Chinese Philosophical E-Text Archive
Chinese Philosophy Page, The
Chiro-Web - Chiropractic Resources
Chiropractic Page, The
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - LOTS of Things Related to the Movie
Chivalric Orders - Orders of Knighthood - Almanach de la cour
Chivalry, British Orders of 
Choir Links Page, The - You have to see it to Believe it
CHORUS - Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
 HUGE with FREE E-text to Download
Christian Internet Surfboard for Kids and Teens
Christian Search Engines and Directories
Christian Terms, Glossary of
Christianity, Chronology of - 1 AD to Present
Christianity, Mystical
Christus Rex et Redemptor Mundi
 by Michael Olteanu, VERY UNIQUE 
Chronicle of the Future - UK
Chuang-tse, Zhuangzi 
Chupacabra - Puerto Rican Yeti
Chupacabra - The Goat Sucker
Chupacabra Home Page, The
Chupacabra, Invasion of the
Church Bulletins, Humorous
Church History, The Hall of
 Theology From a Bunch of Dead Guys™
Church of the Sub-Genius - One Weird Site
Church of the SubGenius - MIT
Church of Virus 
Churches of Christ Links, Internet
 by Former Members of the ICOC
CIA's 2000 World Factbook
Cigars -
Circle of Light - Clairvoyance/Channeling
Circle of Light Webring - 121 Members
Circular Times
 Sacred  Geometry, Alternative Energy and Health Metaphysics
Circus Performers Mass Grave - Illinois
City of Mermaids
City of the Silent
 The Largest Annotated Listing of Death Related Web Pages
Civil War USA - FAQ
Civil War Links - in the US Civil War Section 
Clarke's Martyrology - Ghosts, Paranormal, Psychics
Claude Bell's Dinosaurs - California
Clay Henry: The Beer-Drinking Goat - Texas
Cliché Finder
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
Clip Art Collection, The - It's FREE
Clock, The World
Clock and Watch Museum, National - NAWCC
Cloning - The Black Vault - 48 Pages
Closed Canadian Parks  
Clown Hall of Fame, International
Clown Ring - 309 Sites
Clubfoot George's Clubfoot - Montana






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