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General Information - The C's, Part 2


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CNET News 
CNI News - Contact with Non-Human Intelligence
Coalition to Protect Americans Now - Put in Your Zip Code 
and see the   Countries that have Missile Attack Capabilities 
on your Community
Cocky Bastard 
Code of the Geeks v3.12 
Codger Pole - Washington State
Coffee World
 It Takes A While To Download But If You Like Coffee..
Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Internet - Stanford
Cognitive Science WWW Virtual Library
Coincidences, A Curious String of - Only Three but Interesting
Cold Fusion Effect - JSE - Critical Review
Collecting Channel - Worlds Fair and more
College Life by Ben Miller -
Colonel Sanders: A Man and His Meat 
Color Energy Therapy
Colors and Qualities
Colossi of Portland - Oregon 
Comanche the Horse - Kansas
Comedy and Sitcom Web Ring Index, US - 196 Sites
Comedy Library, British
Comics Hotlist, The
Commercials I Hate
Common Boundary Magazine - Body and Soul - Legal History and Philosophy
Communion Foundation Homepage, The
Complaint Letter Generator, Automatic
Composite Materials by Barry Berenberg -
Computer Museum, The UC Davis
Computer Virus Myths
 Truth About Computer Virus Myths and Hoaxes
Conceptual Lab Simulator - Different, Definitely Different 
Condom e Cards 
Coney Island History
Confluence Project 
Confucius, Analects of 
Connecticut Paranormal Research Society
Consciousness, Papers on Higher States of
Consciousness Studies, Journal of
Consciousness Research Laboratory
ConsciousNet - New Age Information
Conspiracies - Disinformation 
Conspiracies - Pixilated Paranoia Plus
Conspiracies and Extremism by Marc E. Fisher -
Conspiracies Home Page, Encyclopaedia of
Conspiracy Net
Conspiracy Newsline Update
Constellation Lore and Star Myths
Construction Industry by Jeffrey W. Ganthner -
Consumer Information and Protection Webring - 83 Sites
Consumer Information Resources - AWESOME
Consumerama - People with a BEEF and a Website!
Contests and Sweepstakes by Tom Stamatson -
Cool Archive - FREE Fonts, Buttons, Backgrounds, Sounds,....
Coral Castle
Corn Cob Copter
Corn Palace - South Dakota
Corn Quiz, The
Corn Water Tower - Minnesota
Corpus of Old English, The Complete
Cosmic Ancestry
Cosmic Love Pages, Ah! The  
Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras by David Ulansey
Cosmic Society, The
Cosmogonicon - Dogmatic Propaganda 
Council of Crones Webring - 14 Members
Council on Spiritual Practices
Counterintelligence, Intelligence and    
Course on Consciousness - by Ian Wilson - Answers to your real-life Etiquette Questions
Cowchip Throwing Capital of the World - Oklahoma
Cow Liberation Army Faction, The - Just For The Fun Of IT
CPRI - Circles Phenomenon Research International
Crack Aficionado Online
CrackerHead Mood Chooser
Cranial Base/Acoustic Neuroma Index
Crantit Tomb Dig, The
Crapper, Thomas
Crashed UFO at the Tower Mart - California
CRAYON - Create Your Own Newspaper 
Crazy Drunk Guy  
Creation Mythologies Around The World
Creative Minds - Crystals/Reiki/Healing
Creature Chronicles - Cryptozoology and Wildlife Phenomenon  
Crime and Punishment by Bill Bickel -
Crime Library, The
Crime Solvers: Examine Real Life Files - APB News
Crimes Archives, Internet
Critical Thinking, Philadelphia Association for
 FAQ Page Has Terms/Definitions
CRL Parapsychology FAQ - Consciousness Research Laboratory
Crop Circle Connector 
Cross Cam - Cathedral of St Paul - Dome-mounted Camera 
Cross in the Woods, Nun Doll Museum - Michigan
Cross In The Woods Shrine
Crosswords Un-Crossed - A Really Neat Crossword Puzzle Solver
Crosses of Light - A Church in Tennessee
Cryptic Manuscripts - Sumerian/Egyptian
Crypto Web - Cryptozoology
Cryptography FAQ
Cryptology WWW Virtual Library
Crystalinks - Metaphysical and Science Page 
Crystals - under Crystals in the New Age Section
CryptoWorld - Monsters and More
Cryptozoology - Over 200 links Bigfoot/Jersey Devil/Mothman/Tasmanian Tiger
Cryptozoology - Ben S. Roesch's  
Cryptozoology - Sweden
Cryptozoology - The Congo File
Cryptozoology, Virtual Institute of
Crystal at the Heart of the Earth, Giant
Crystal Links - From Aboriginal People to Zoroaster 
Crystal River Florida - Home of the Manatee
Crystal Skulls, International Society of - Would you believe 20?
Crystals, Gems and Stones - The Elements  Chakras and Legends
Crystals & Gemstones Awareness Guide -  Circle of Light
CSETI - Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence
CSICOP - Committee for the Scientific 
 Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Cubeman's Cube-Related Links - Rubix Cube
Cult of Mithras,The - Origins of the Rites
Cults - under Cults in the Religion Section
Culture Jammers Encyclopedia 
Culture Kiosk
Currency Converter, The Universal
Cursing in Afrikaans
Cursing in Dutch
Cursing in Swedish
Cyber Witch
Cyberspace-The New Jerusalem - Definitions and Origin
Cydonia, Mars and the Stones of Fire
Cydonia, The Face on Mars - NASA's Global Surveyor
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites in the Internet
 over 65,000 in 90 Categories
Cyngus Folklore and Mythology Page, The
Cynics Sanctuary, The
Cypher Documents of the Golden Dawn
Cypress Knee Museum






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