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Health and Medicine

Cancer Resources and Information


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American Melanoma Foundation - Skin Cancer
Breast Cancer Decision Guide - Breaast Cancer Information
Cancer Anonymous
Cancer Care - Professional Education
Cancer Clinical Trial Research -
Cancer Dictionary
Cancer Directory
 for Cancer Patients and Families of Cancer Patients
Cancer Help UK
Cancer Information Network 
Cancer News on the Net
Cancer Pages - Cancer Information and Community
Cancer Survivor Toolbox
Cancer/Oncology - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
CancerShock - New Ways to Talk About and Live with Cancer - Information for Patients and Physicians
CanSearch - Online Guide to Cancer Resources
Complete Guide for Breast Cancer -
 Expert Second Opinion for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer
 over 4000 Resources - University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Imperial Cancer Research Fund - UK
Male Genitourinary Cancers
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis - Articles by Types of Cancer
Melanoma Patient's Information Page
Melanoma List
Moles that Change - MayoHealth
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations - NABCO
National Breast Cancer Coalition
OncoLink - University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center - Online Action Against Cancer
Oncology Center - John Hopkins 
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance - - Pancreatic Cancer - The Largest Compilation of Clinical Trials Against Pancreatic Cancer in the World
Prostate Cancer - A Journey of Hope - PBS
Prostate Cancer Information - 
Prostate Pointers
Skin Cancer Information - Formation and Causes of Skin Cancer 
Steve Dunn's Cancer Guide -
Susan G. Koman Foundation
The Annie Appleseed Project
 Information about Access to Alternative Cancer
The Cancer Connection 
The Libby Ross Foundation - Breast Cancer
Women's Cancer Connection
Women's Cancer Network








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