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Area Code and Country Code Lookup
Area Code Map 
Common Weights And Measures
Convert It! - Convert anything to anything
Currency Calculator
Dictionary of Units
Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Directorate of Time - The U.S. Naval Observatory 
English-Metric Measurement Converter Plus
Time and Frequency Issues FAQ
How Far Is It? - Distances for over 500 Cities Worlwide
International Standard Date and Time Notation
Measurements Converter
Measurement 4 Measure
Metric Conversion Card
1998 Statistical Abstract of the United States
NIST Time and Frequency Division
North American Time Zones and GMT
Periodic Table, The - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Pictorial Periodic Table, The
Post Offices Worldwide - Links to Post Offices
Postage Codes, International
Pounds-to-Kilograms/Kilograms-to-Pounds Converter
Roget's Internet Thesaurus
Scientific, Engineering Unit Converter
Symbols, Sigils and Glyphs
Temperature Conversion Calculator  
Time Server - University of Delaware
Unit Conversion Factors
Universal Currency Converter, The
US Metric Association - USMA
USPS City State/ZIP Codes
Visual Elements - Periodic Table
Walk Through Time, A - Time Measurement
Weights & Measures
Weights and Measures - Great Page
What time is it? - US Naval Observatory Master Clock
World Abbreviations - CIA Factbook
World Time Zones
World Time Zones Maps with Current Time






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