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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The D's


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Dagulf's Ghost 
Daily Biorhythms 
Daily Outrage, The
Dancing Dubya
Daniel's Bill Murray Page
Daniel Boone's Grave - Kentucky
Daoism Depot 
Dark Side of the Net, The
Dark Side of the Scooby-Doo Gang, The 
Dark Sky Association, International
 Society for Limiting Nighttime Lighting  
Darshana Indian Philosophy Page
Darwin Awards
Database of Song Lyrics
Dating and Personals - ABC On-Line Dating Service
Daughters of the Western Star - For Woman Only
Dave's List of Words That are Fun to Say
Dave's Web of Lies
David Icke's Website 
David Letterman Official Website
DayBook News - Encyclopedia of 
 Resources Catorgorized by Topics/Geography
Daze of Our Lives - State of the Art 19th Century Humor 
Dead Animals Attack! - Minnesota
Dead Media Project, The
Dead People Server 
Dead Presidents Page
 Tombstones of Every Dead President, Useless But ... 
Dead Sea Scrolls - under Dead Sea Scrolls in the Religion Section
Death By Car - Who2 Loop
Death Center, The Natural
Death Clock, The
 The Internets Friendly Reminder That Life is Slipping Away
Death of a Lawn Mower 
 Directory of Bar Code and Universal Resource Identification
Deciphering Old Handwriting
 From a course taught by Sabina J. Murray
Defenders of Choice Webring - 4 Members
Defense Reutilization Marketing Service - DRMS
Definitions of Terms: Cults, Sects and Denominations
DejaNews - Not Too Shabby
Demon Possession Handbook - Criminal Profilers
Demon Possession Handbook - Demon Possession Defined
Demon Possession Handbook - Homepage
Demon Possession Handbook - Prologue
DeMuth Design
Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension - Surreal Writings and Images 
Deposhitz - Funny Pictures Gallery
Desert Storm Muffler Man - Maryland
Design your own Powerpuff Girl
DeSoto Caverns - Alabama
Devil Bunnies
Devils Dictionary, The
Dextromethorphan FAQ
Dharma, Veda and
Dharma the Cat   - Philosophy with Fir
Diabetes FAQ
Dictionaries - The BIG Links Page - in the Dictionaries Section
Dialectizer - Dialectize a Web Page
Diamond Joe Quimby for President - The Simpson's
Diana Forum - We The People
Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms and Encyclopedias - THOR
Dictionary: Rhyming Dictionary
Dictionary: The New Hackers Dictionary
Dictionary: Computer High-Tech
Dictionary, Skeptics - You Name it's Here - A Must for Everyone
Dictionary, West Legal
Dictionary of All-Vowel Words
Dictionary of Computing, Free On-Line
Dictionary of Faeries
Dictionary of the Afro-Caribbean Deities
Dictionary of the Gods  
Dictionary of Titled Russian Nobility
Dictionary of Units
Dictionary Gateway, Webster's Hypertext
Died Plump - Who2 Loop
Dija Know?
Dillinger Museum - Indiana
Dinosaur Land - Virginia
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Diotima: Biblical Studies
DirectSource - RESOURCE - You Have Too See it- It's HUGE
Directory of Networked Resources
 NISS - Reference Numbers are on the Books
Disappearing Acts - Who2 Loop
Disasterium - Living Almanac of Disasters
Discordia, Principia   
Disinformation - News Stories 
Disease Web Links, Infectious
Dish of the Last Supper, The - La Queste del Saint Graal
Divination Archive - Magick Tarot Cards
Divination Archive - Religion and Neo-pagan Tarot Cards
Divination Archive - Tarot/Runes/Shamanism/Druids/etc.
DJs, Lives of the Great 
dMarie Time Capsule 
DNA Undermines Key Paradigms  
Dodger the Basset Hound - Pet Cemetery - Nebraska
Dogs - NetVet - E-Text Veterinary Services  
Dolphin Circle - The Healing Worlds of Dolphins
Dolmens in the Netherlands
Domain of the Waffle
Don's Boss Page
Don't Pee in the Pool - The Candiru: A Parasitic Catfish
Doomed - News that you just can't Trust 
Double-Decker Outhouse - Arkansas
Doug the Duck VS UFO
Dowse with a Pendulum, Learn to
Dowsers, American Society of
Dowsers - JSE - Unconventional Water Detection
Dowsing - A German 10 Year Investigation Project
Dowsing FAQ
Dowsing - Field Effects
Dowsing and Geomancy - Sacred Sites/Sacred Geography
Dr Albert Abrams, King of the Quacks
Dr Bukk
Dr. Daniels Movie Emergency - Movie Stuff
Dr Drew
Dr. Sky - Astronomy/NASA/Meteors
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem  
Dr Toast's Amazing World of Toast
Dr. Webster's Guide to the MacQuarium
Dr. - 'We eat Narkon so you don't have too'
Dracul, Histories of the Family
Dracula, The Historical
Dracula, Vlad - A Bibliography
Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
Dream Links - under Dreams in the New Age Section
Dreams and Native Spirituality
 Blending Native and Christian Traditions
Dreams FAQ
Drew Carey Website, The Necessary
Drew's Wild and Crazy World
Driveways of the Rich and Famous
Dropa/Dzopa - The Stone Disks Of Baian- Kara- Ula
Dropping a Goat from a Distance of 100 Feet using the Mind Alone - Kun Tao
Drug FAQ
Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words
Druidic Technology, The Institute of
Druids, The Insular Order of    
Druids and Celtic Mysticism, The
Drums/Percussion by Bill Meligari -
Drunkards Island- Survivor Series
Drunken Losers
Druse, Druze
Duke Ellington Society
Dumbentia: The Parody Place! - Worldwide
Dutch-Themed Town - Michigan






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