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New Age



Chakras - Channeling - Dowsing - Feng Shui - General - I Ching - Remote Viewing - Runes - Tarot


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Bashar Tapes and Channelings
 Official website of Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka
EJA Magical Journies -
 Home of Ezekiel and other Channeled Entities
Lyssa Royal & Royal Priest Research -
 Channel and Author Lyssa Royal



Dowsing - A German 10 Year Investigation Project
Dowsing FAQ
Dowsing - Field Effects
Dowsing and Geomancy - Sacred Sites/Sacred Geography



Feng Shui

Environmental Placements, Inc. - Designing the Feng Shui Way
Feng Shui & Qi
Feng Shui Society
Gardening with Feng Shui
Kanyu Ring - Feng Shui - 41 Sites
Wind & Water Ring - Feng Shui - 88 Sites




Breathings,House of - Celtic and Contemplative Spirituality
Breathing: Western Somatic and Eastern Spiritual Approaches
Divination Archive - Tarot/Runes/Shamanism/Druids/etc
Cayce, Journal of
Energy Works - Kirlian Photography
Esoteria - Brainwaves/Divination/Alchemy/Qabalah/Crowley
Esoteric Voodoo Library
Esoterica - Seven Gates
ESP - Edgar Cayce with an ESP Tester
Graphology/Handwriting Analysis FAQ - GCLUB
Intuition Network Homepage
Kirlian Research Network
Numerology FAQ
NumberQuest Free Numerology Readings
The Lower Astral Plane 




I-Ching, Original



Remote Sensing/Viewing

Deep Awareness - Remote Viewing and Beyond
Farsight Institute, The - Scientific Remote Viewing
Psychokinesis, Remote Viewing
Remote Sensing - WWW Virtual Library
Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing - Jon McMoneagle
Remote Viewing - The Black Vault - 24 Pages
Remote Viewing, Controlled
Remote Viewing, Viking - Psychic Self Defense/Crop Circles 
Remote Viewing Collection, Firedocs - PJ Gaenir's  Archives




Elder Futhark Runes - RUNES - about and for sale
Rune Gild, The - Runes - Divination
Runes, Elder Futhark - Divination
Runes, Halfdan's - A LOT of INFORMATION




Divination Archive - Magick Tarot Cards
Divination Archive - Religion and Neo-pagan Tarot Cards
Tarot - Concerning a Hanged Man Before a Hinged Door
Tarot - Tools And Rites Of Transformation
Tarot, Learning the
Tarot Association, The American 
Tarot Corner
Tarot Explanations






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