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Health and Medicine

Emergency Medicine


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Emergency Medicine

ACLS 2000 Unofficial Guide - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Antibiotic Usage Guide - Medical College of Wisconsin
Austarlian College for Emergency Medicine - ACEM
American Academy of Emergency Medicine - AAEM
American College of Emergency Physicians - ACEP 
American College of Oseopathic Emergency Physicians - ACOEP
Basic Trauma Life Support - BTLS
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians - CAEP
Case Records of the Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department 
Critical Incident Stress Management - CISM
Department of Surgery - Baylor College of Medicine 
Em-Nsg-L - Emergency Nursing Mailing List
Emergency and Critical Care Medicine - Harvard
Emergency Health Links - Yahoo
Emergency Lectures and Slide Presentations
 Core Lecture Series Emergency Medicine
Emergency Links
 Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital - Great Resources
Emergency Management Gold 2000 - International
Emergency Medical Dispatch 911 Connection Webring - 35 Sites
Emergency Medical Humor, Jerry's
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
 aka the Patient Anti-Dumping Law
Emergency Medicine - University of New Mexico 
Emergency Medicine - USC School of Medicine 
Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Homepage - EMBBS
Emergency Medicine on the Web
 National Center for Emergency Medicine Informatics
Emergency Medicine Online 
Emergency Medicine Resident's Association - EMRA 
Emergency Nurses Association 
Emergency Services Database
Emergentology - Intersting Cases and Teaching Files
EMInet Online Education - Emergency Medicine Internetwork
ER Watch 
15 Lead ECG for All ER Patients
Houston Interesting Emergency Medicine Cases
 University of Texas 
Intern On-Call Handbook - Oregon Health Sciences University
Jeff Mann EM Guide Maps 
John Hopkins Emergency Medicine 
Journal of Emergency Medical Services
Liverpool Trauma Website - Sydney, Australia
Nasal Foreign Body Removal Technique
9-1-1 Magazine Online
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine - SAEM
The National Immunization Program
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Trauma X-Ray Collection at Liverpool Hospital - Sydney, Australia
Trauma Practice Guidelines 
Triage: Life in the ER - University of Maryland
University of Florida Emergency Medicine 
Vanderbuilt Emergency Medicine Teaching Files
Virtual ER 
Weekly Web Review in Emergency Medicine
Yale Emergency Medicine










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