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Food and Drink

General Food and Drink Resources


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 41 Cooking
Aztec Commodity Trading - Importers-Exporters of Frozen Fruits, Concentrates and Purees for the Food Beverage Industries
Bookmark World Food Page
 Net Guide/Search Engine - 
Bread & Pastry, Sauces, Stews, Crockpot Recipes
Busy Cooks by Lynn Nelson -
Cheese/Appetizers by Debra Macaulay -
Chinese Food DIY - Cooking, Recipes, Tips
Cocktails by Kathy Hamlin -
Coffee/Tea by Melanie Uy - - Kitchenware/Tableware/Recipes/More

Coupon Central - Coupons on the Web
Couponing and Refunding by Diana Pittella -
Desserts/Baking by Carroll Pellegrinelli -
 Comprehensive Restaurant Guide covering over 12,000 US Cities
Entertaining by Donna Pilato -
Epicuruious - Food/Drink/Recipes/Cooking
Fast Food Nutritional Database
Food & Drug Admin Archives
French Cuisine by Anne Cerva -
Go Recipes - Food and Cooking Search
Gourmet Connections
Great Aussie Food
Home Cooking by Peggy Trowbridge -
Indian Cuisine by Sankamitra Mani Subbiah -
Italian Cuisine by Kyle Phillips -
Jewish/Kosher Cuisine by Jessica Littmann -
Kitchen Link - Over 9800 Food and Cooking Links
Low Fat Cooking by Trevy Little - - Cooking/Recipes/Meal Plans/More

Menu On-Line - National Restaurant Register
Mexican Cuisine by Jessica Cuba -
Nestle Homepage
Nutrient Database - USDA
Oxford Companion To Wine
Southeast Asian Cuisine by Linda Wright-Martin -
Southern US Cuisine by Diana Rattray -
The Chefs Catalog 
The Garlic Store
Vegetarian Cuisine by Tiffany Refior - - Virginia Art, Food, Music, Literature and Crafts 
Wine by Lisa Shea -








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