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Genealogical Resources

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Land Record Reference
Lake's Genealogy Info
Lakota Wowapi Oti Kin: Lakota Information Home Page
LDS Polish-Jewish Microfilm List
Library Catalogs From Around The World - Hytelnet
Library Information Servers On The WWW
Library of Virginia Genealogy Home Page
Library of Congress Homepage
Library of Congress - Civil War Photographs - Over 1100 Images
Lineage's - A Major Genealogical Reference Library and Resource
Lineages First Steps
Lineages' Free On-line Queries
Links to Resources on Cemetery History and Preservation  
Lone Star Genealogy
Looking for Lost Ancestors -Ancestors Genealogy Research
Louis Kessler's Genealogical Program Links
Maine State Library
Making of America Digital Library - Sometimes Slow But Worth It
Maps Can Help You Trace Your Family Tree
Maryland Historical Society's Guide to the Manuscript Collections
Maryland State Archives
MerryM's Home Page and Genealogy Information
Metis Families
Migrations Project - Nationwide
Military Genealogical Sites - Cook Memorial Public Library District
Military History
 Claims, Payrolls, Musters, Warrants, etc. - Virginia
Milwaukee Urban Archives
Minnesota Genealogical Society
Missouri Civil War Records at St. Louis Public Library
Mobile Genealogical Society
Mohawk Valley Biographies - Mohawk Valley of New York
Moravian Church Genealogy Links
National Archive and Records Administration
National Archives and Records Administration
 GOPHER with Microfiche Catalogs
National Archives of Australia
National Archives of Ireland
National Atlas of Canada Information Service
National Genealogy Society
National Library of Australia Home Page
National Library of Canada
Native American Genealogy
Native American Resources on the Internet
New England Connections
New England Historic Genealogical Society
 Oldest Genealogy Society in the US
New York State Archives
New York State Genealogy Internet Resources
New York State Library - Genealogy
Newberry Guide to Topics in Genealogy
Nigel Batty-Smith's Genealogy Site
Noah's American Indian Genealogy Resources
Nordic Notes on the Net
Notable Women Ancestors
Obituary Archive Search Engine
Obituary Daily Times - Daily Obituary Notices Worldwide
Obituary Links Page, The
Official Records of the War of the Rebellion
 Cornell University Library
Ogdensburg Public Library
Ohio Historical Society
Ohio River Valley Families
On This Day In Oregon
 A Daily Calendar of Oregon Historical Events
Oneida Indian Nation
Online Classical and Medieval Library
Online Genealogical Database
Online People Search - Four 11
Online Search for Dutch Maiden Names
Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid - OCFA
Ontario County Records and Archives Center
Ontario Genealogical Society
Online Genealogical Database Index
PAF Review - Home Page
Paper Roots - A Weekly Roundup of Genealogy in the News
Passenger Lists on the Internet
Peggy's Links to Genealogy Sites
Pennsylvania Adoption Search Menu
Poland Borders Surname Mailing List
Polish Genealogical Society of America
Polish Genealogy Homepage
Polish History
Polish Genealogical Society of America
Polish Listing - Cross Index
Quebec Family Historical Society's Home Page
Queensland State Archives - Australia
Rand Genealogy Club Home Page
Reference .com
Rare Map Collection at the Hargrett Library
Remembrance - Vietnam
Research Tips on Gathering Your Family
Researching a Spanish American War Veteran
Resources for Family and Community History at the Missouri State Archives
Revolutionary War Warrants Search - Kentucky Secretary of State
Root Diggin' Dept 15 - Non-commercial links for Genealogists -
Roots Surname List - Index to Files
Roots Users Group of Arlington, VA
Roots-L Home Page
Roots-L Search Page
Roots Location List Name Finder
 Free Genealogy Homepages and Webmaster Resources
Rootsweb Genealogical Data Cooperative
Rose-Anne's Genealogy Resources
Royal Genealogy Menu
Salem Witch Trials 1692- A Chronology of Events
Scholarly Library and Archives Resources Site: Genealogy and Family History
Scholarly Online Resource Evidence and Records - 
 for use by Genealogists and Family Historians
Scottish Genealogy
Search Engines - Keyword
Search Engines - Subject
Search FHC Locations - GenHomepage
Searchable Databases on the WWW
Searchable Genealogy Links - Lauren Knoblauch
Sephardic Genealogy
Sell, Warford & Sweet Family Searches
Sheboygan County Historical Research Center
Sherry Miller's Genealogy Page
ShipSearch - Internet Passenger List Search Engine
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Social Security Death Index
Societe Genealogique de l'est du Quebec - SGEQ
Société d'Histoire et de Généalogie de Rivière-du-Loup
Sons of Confederate Soldiers
Source List for Genealogy Research
South Orange County, California Genealogy Society
Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society
Southwest Virginia History and Genealogy
SSDI Social Security Death Index - RootsWeb
Story Preservation  
Sumner County, Tennessee
Surname Central
Surname Finder
Surname Helper - Search USGenWeb
Surname Helper - Universal Search
Surname Scrolls
Surname Springboard
Surnames: What's in a Name? - Legacy & Lineage
Surnames of Kentucky Network
Surnames of North Central Kentucky - Mary Cinnamon
Switchboard - Internet Directory
Tatom-Tatum Family Chronicles
Telephone Directories of the World
Tennessee Genealogy & History Web Ring
Tennessee Genealogy & History Website
Tennessee Genealogy Homepage
Tennessee State Library and Archives
The Afrigeneas Homepage
The BIG EYE Genealogy Resources
The Big Page of Genealogy Links
 And it is BIG and it takes awhile to download
The Denis Beauregard Genealogy Page
The Emigration from Iceland to America
The Family History Society of Arizona
The Federation of East European Family History Societies
The French Connection
The Gathering of the Clans
The Gene Pool - Research Aids
The Genealogy Home Page
The Genealogy Register
The Grannie's Genealogy Helpers 
The Greenbrier Historical Society
The History Place
The Internet Directory of Genealogical and Historical Societies
The Lineage of the Royal Princes of England
The News Stand - Mobile Genealogical Society
The Newberry Library
The Obituary Links Page
The Olden Times -    Old Newspapers for Genealogy: Obituaries, Births, Marriages, News and More
The Olive Tree Genealogy
The Palatines to America
The Scottish Genealogy Society
The Searcher - Whole LOTTA Search Engines
The UK and Ireland
The Ultimate Puzzle

The US GenWeb Project

Three-Legged Willie
 History and Genealogy of Williamson County, Texas
Thurman's Quest
Tisbury, MA - History
Trails of Time
Travellers Southern Families
Treasure Maps, the How-to Genealogy WWW Site
UK Census Finding Aids and Indexes
UK and Ireland Genealogy
Ultimate Family Tree - Exploring Family History through Genealogy
United States Census Bureau Home Page
United States Historical Census Data Browser
United States Internet Genealogical Society - USIGS
United States Vital Records Information
US Census Bureau - Tiger Mapping Service
US Civil War Center
US National Archives and Records Administration
 The Genealogy Page
US Surname Distribution
USGenWeb Archives - State and FTP Directories
USGenWeb Archives Pension Project 
USGenWeb Archives Search Page
USGenWeb Census Project
USGenWeb Project
USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project
USPS Address and ZIP Code Information - People Search, Public Records 
Utah State Archives
Virginia Military Institute - Civil War Resources
Vital Records Information - United States
VVF-G&C Internet Home Page
Waite-Langley Genealogy
Welcome to Sue's World
Western Michigan Genealogical Society
What's NEW in Genealogy...Today!
White Buffalo Society
Wimberly Family Genealogy Database
Wisconsin State Archives
World Biographical Index
World War I - Trenches on the Web
WorldGenWeb Project
WWW Genealogy Resources for Specific Countries - non US
WWW Genealogy Resources for Specific States in the United States
Your Great Ancestral Hunt - Free Lessons
Your Irish Roots - Genealogy, Surnames, Coats of Arms - Genealogy






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