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Army Recognition  
Bluejacket Forum - Navy and Marine Corps History
Comrades-In-Arms-Reunited - UK - A Means to Locate Old Comrades and Friends From Your Days in the Military
E-Tanker Military History Page
F-14 Information Page
Genealogy Quest Military Collection - Military 
Henderson Arms - Medieval Arms and Armor
Jane's Defense Section
Jane's Security Section
Jane's Transport Section
Jane's Information Group
Making of the USMC War Memorial
Militaria - Home of Militaria & RAIDS Magazine
Military Heritage Magazine
Military Links - Open Directory Project
Military Music Sound Clip Gallery
Napoleonic Wars Collection
9th Infantry Division
Peace and Security Database
Soldier of Fortune Magazine - Support Our Soldiers 
Soviet Military Awards
Stone & Stone Second World War Website
Task Force 160 Nighstalkers
The Complete Warbird Image Site
31st Squadron RAF - WWI to Present
US Army Insignia Home Page
US Special Operations Unofficial Home Page by Tom Hunter
USIGS Military Collection
 Links to Military Records on the Internet
Vets Top 50
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page
Wars of the World - Military Links
Warships - A Collection of Photos
Web Page of Durfee
 the American Revolution and Medieval Europe
West Point Atlases - Online Maps 
 Covering the 18th Century to the Present
World War Posters - Rare WW1 & WW2






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