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Abuse and Survival

Victims and Survivors - General Resources 


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A Guide to Survival
Access to Prisons - State Access Policies
Battered Women's Alternatives - California
Compassionate Friends
Grief Support After the Death of a Child
Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section
Crime Information, Entertainment, Jail Cam, Crime News, etc
Cybergrrl Safety Net - Abuse Information and Resources 
Federal Office for Victims of Crime
Fraud Defense Network 
GROWW - Grief Recovery Online
Homicide Survivors
Index of Teen Violence Topics - Pandoras Box
Kids & Violence 
MADD Online
Male Survivor Issues and Resources
My Home on the Net - United We Stand
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
National Center for Victims of Crime
National Fraud Information Center
National Fraud Information Center - Links
National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children
National Organization of Victim Assistance - NOVA
National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization 
National Victims' Constitutional Amendment Network - NVCAN
Pacific Center for Violence Prevention
Partnerships Against Violence Network
Recovery for Homicide Survivors - Self Help Magazine
Ritual Abuse Resources - Sexual Assault Information Page
Self Defense Resources - Sexual Assault Information Page
Suicide FAQ
Suicide_Methods FAQ
Survivors of Homicide Homepage
Survivors of Homicide Webpage - Resources
Talking with Kids -  Strategies Against Violence
The Corrections Connection
The Grief Warehouse
The Las Americas Crime Review
US Victims of Crime Act
VOCA - US Code Title 42, Chapter 112
Unite For Kids - Helping Kids and Teens Exposed to Violence
Victim & Victimology Resources
Victim/Witness Services
Victims Resources - Sexual Assault Information Page
Violence Against Women Office - US DOJ






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