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CIA World Factbook - Country

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Library of Congress -
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Thomas - Library of Congress



 Searchable Resources

Executive Branch - InfoSpace
FedWorld Information Network Home Page - Access to Thousands 
 of US Government Web sites, More than a 1/2 Million US
 Government Documents, Databases and other Information
Federal Lobbyist Database
Federal Web Locator - The Federal Web Locator - Service Provided
 by the Center for Information Law and Policy and is Intended to be
 a Starting Point for Federal Government Information on the World
 Wide Web
GILS - Global Information Locator Service / 
 Government Information Locator Service
Govbot - US Government Search Engine - NWBuildNets' GovBot
 Search Page - Searches of US Government Web Pages,
 Documents, Statistics, Agencies, Departments and Resources
Gov-Search.com - Search Engine that Crawls the Web Indexing
 US Federal and State Government  and Military Websites
Government Information Sharing Project - Oregon State University
 has 49 CD-ROMs full of US Government Statistics and Economic
 Information - All Online 
Government Officials - InfoSpace 
Government Publications
GPO Access - List of Databases Online
GPO Access - NARA
Judicial Branch - InfoSpace
Legislative Branch - InfoSpace
Library of Congress - Legislative Information on the Internet
Library of Congress  Catalog Search
Library of Congress Homepage
Library of Congress - American Memory  - 
 Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
Library of Congress - Internet Search Tools
Military - InfoSpace
Municipal Code Corporation - Over 500 Municipal Codes
Municipal Codes Online
Research Institutes - InfoSpace
Search Government - InfoSpace - 
 Government Information by State or Branch
State Government - InfoSpace
StateSearch - NASIRE - Topical Clearinghouse 
 to State Government Information on the Internet
Statistics - InfoSpace
US Federal Government Agencies Directory
 Louisiana State University libraries
US Government Environmental Agencies - A Directory of 
 Environmental Government Agencies at the State and Federal
US Government Information Sources - WWW-VL
US Government Web Directory - InfoSpace 
USGS Search Engine 
White House - InfoSpace






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