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Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The H's


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Ham Radio Links, Benz
Hamster Dance 2 
Han Van Meegeren, The Hero in Spite of Himself
Handwriting and the Fountain Pen, History of  - by Parker Pens
Hanna Somatic Education - Pain Abatement/Fitness Enhancement
Happy Drunks -
 Cuz The Web is More Interesting When You Had More Than One
Happy Easter Bunny Webring - 28 Members
Hall of Kings, The - Biboland
Haqqani Sufi Foundation
Hard and Soft Drinks - Roadside Attractions
Hare Krishna Index, The
Harlem Globetrotters
Harlequiin Romance Novels Homepage
Harold Warp's Pioneer Village - Nebraska
Harmilda the Cow - Illinois
Harper's Index - Statistics
Harvard Map Collection
Harvey the Giant Rabbit - Oregon 
Hat 'n' Boots Gas Station - Washington State
Hats of Meat
Hattadare Indian Village - North Carolina
Haunt Hunt Team, Georgia - Haunted Cemeteries and Houses
Haunted, Haunting and Haunts see Ghosts
Haunted Fairy Lands - New Jersey
Haunted Places Directory - Directory of Haunted Houses
Head of World's Largest Dog - Utah
HeadHunting - A Virtual Museum
Heartland Select
 A Website Ring for a Family Oriented Home Atmosphere
Heartland USA - A Road Guide to Romance - Nebraska
Heaven's Gate® - How and When It May Be Entered
Help Desk,The Internet - References
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village - Roadside America
Heraldica - Francois Velde's Heraldry Site
Heraldry FAQ
Heraldry on the Internet - AWESOME RESOURCE
Herman the Mouse - Pet Cemetery - Nevada
Helly Jelly
Hermetic and Hermeticism - Stan's Page of Links
Hermes Trismegistus
 The Archaic Underground Tradition - Ancient Egyt
Heroes of Lore and Yore- Canadian Heroes in Fact and Fiction
Hieroglyphic Font Extended Library - More than 4700 Signs
Hieroglyphs - See Your Name in Hieroglyphs
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program - HAARP
High Vibrations - Light/Music/Nature
Higher Realms
 Astral Projection/Auras/Chakras/Crystals/Reincarnation
Higher States of Consciousness
Highlands, Scottish - Medieval History 
Hillhouse Investigations - Just for the FUN of it
Hindenburg Crash Site - New Jersey
Hippias - Philosophy Search Engine
Hippyland Hippy Magazine - NEAT
Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research Center
Historical Inventions - From A to Z 
Historical Reenactment by Lisa Scovel & Lee Mehelis -
Historical Society, Oregon 
Historical Text Archive  
Historical Text Library
History Resources - Stan's Page of Links
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary 
Hitler Head Trashcan - Georgia
Hitler's Typewriter - Alabama
Hoaxes, Internet 
Hocus Pocus Palace - Home of Mysto and Magick Tricks 
Hoegh Pet Casket Factory Tours - Michigan
Hofstetter's Sports Jerk of the Week 
HOg Capital of the World - Illinois
Hole N' The Rock - Utah
Holidays, Legends & Myths
Holocaust FAQ
Hollow Earth Subterranean Kingdoms 
Hollywood Wax Museum - California
Hollywood Stock Exchange, The
Holy Bible , The - King James Version - E-Text 
Holy Blue Brethren - Sacerdotal Knights of National Security 
Holy Blue Brethren, The Sublime Lodge of 
Holy Days, Seasonal Days of Celebration, List of Religious Festivals 
Holy Ghost Grotto - Wisconsin
Holy Grail, The 
Holy Grail, Ezekiel, Ark, Temple, Christ Visions Explained
Holy Kurbana, The - According to Syro-Chaldean Rite 
Home Inprovement Information Resources - AWESOME 
Home Improvement, Remodeling and Repair From Hometime 
Home of the Merman - Arkansas
Homepage of the Nut Lady - Connecticut
Hometown of Superman - Illinois
Hong Kong Scrapers
Hopalong Cassidy Website, The Official 
Hornaday's Bull - The Buffalo Nickel Buffalo - Montana
Horology - Clocks/Timepieces/Watches 
Horology: US National Watch and Clock Museum 
Horror and Cult Film by Mare Stern -
Horror Books by Tara Mahovetz -
Horror Films - A Bibliography 
Hot and Cold Fusion - John Logajan's Skypoint Homepage 
Hot Toads! Shrunken Head Cam
HotSheet - One LARGE Reference Sheet 
Houdini - 
House of Breathings - Celtic and Contemplative Spirituality
House of Clocks
House Of Humor
House of Lists - Lists of and for Everything
House of Mirrors, Look into the - Transcendent Communications
House of Netjer - Kermetic Orthodoxy
House on the Rock - Wisconsin
Housework Sucks! Gimme the Net Webring - 15 Members
How Much is Inside?
How Things Work
How to Destroy Your Computer
How to Keep an Idiot Busy
How to Order Military and Pension Record for Civil War Veterans
How to Predict the Weather Using a Pig Spleen
How to Spot A Psychopath
Howe, Linda Moulton - Unusual Phenomenon - 
 AWESOME Site - Audio/ Video Clips
Hubbard and Black Magick
Hubble Space Telescope - Public Pictures
Human Anatomy On-Line
Human Fingers in a Jar - Ohio
Human Languages Page, The
Human Types, Ennegram and the Spectrum of
Humor in the News 
Humorous Church Bulletins
Humour n' Crap
100th Bomber Group Restaurant - Ohio
Hydrogen Powered Scooter
Hydroponics, Homegrown
 Growing Plants without Soil or Natural Sunlight
Hyperborea - Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Time
HyperDiscordia - Confusion for a New Generation
Hypertext Principia Discordia - or How I Found the 
 Goddess and What I Did To Her When I Found Her
Hypnosis in the Media
Hypnosis - All Your Hypnosis Needs - It's Different
Hypnotic Scripts 
Hypnotica - You're Feeling Sleepy 
Hynotist, Stage - SZELES 






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