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AEN Comedy - Vintage Standup Comedy Performances
Andy's Amazing Card Trick - Sparky the Psychic Fish - Neat Trick
Andy's Page of Fun Stuff
Bullshippers - Jocularity
Bush-Gore Dance 
BushLite: Parody with a Purpose 
Caption Contest
Center for the Easily Amused - Jocualrity
Comedy and Sitcom Web Ring Index, US - 196 Sites
Comedy Central
Comedy Library, British
Comedy World
Comedy Zone
 Online Resource for the Comedy Industry and it's Fans
ComedyNet - Online Comedy Network - Collection of Comics Sites
Comics and Animation Webrings
 Entertainment Section, Earth Station Nine
Comics Hotlist, The
Comics Research Libraries
Cow Liberation Army Faction, The - Just For The Fun Of IT
Drew's Wild and Crazy World 
Forward Garden - Funny Emails that you get Forwarded to you
Fun Pages - 
FunnyBone and ASCII Art Animations - Adult Oriented Content
Good Clean Fun - A Family Humor Archive
Good Clean Fun Newsletter
Humor by Mike Durrett -
Humor in the News 
Humor Dude 
Humor Search - Net Guide/Search Engine
Humor Source
HumorCity Newsletter - Need to be a Topica Member 
HumorLinks - directory of humor sites
Inspired by Stick Figure Death Theatre - More Twisted Humor
International Museum of Cartoon Art URL Builder - Jocularity 
Jester: The On-Line Joke Recommender
Laugh Out Loud
Laugh a Lot - Clean Humor 
Mad Magazine Online
Modern Humorist
Monty Python Grand Central 
My Farts and I
National Lampoon
Noiz's Fun Store - Jocularity - Jokes and Funnies
100 Hot-Jokes
Pages4Fun News

Periodic Table of Rejected Elements

Political Humor by Barbara Sehr -
Riddle Nut - Over 660 of them
Sick Twisted Jokes by Luke Davis -
Snout - Interactive Comic Sory and Hangout
SportsCliche Generator  
The Amazing Johnathon
The Joke Database
The Comic Strip
The Dilbert Zone

The Frumious Bandersnatch

The Funny Bone -  Humor
The Incomparable Captain Ribman
The Man Show - Comedy Central
The Most Embarrassing Moment of my Life
The Onion - Jocularity
The Perfect Joke
The Diary of the Real Adrian Mole
The Silly Foundation - A Non-Prophet Organization - Funny and odd Headlines and Pictures -Jocularity
TV Dance - Animated TV and Movie Dance Pages
Ultimate Bad Candy Website
Van Gogh-Goghs Sketch Comedy Collective, The
Washington Post Comics Humor
Weekly Trivia Ringer Webring Index - 8 Sites
Wooooo Hooooo Addies!!!
YourMom! - A User Generated Portal into your Mom - Jocularity
Yuk Yuk's - International Stand-up Comedy - 
 Largest Chain of Comedy Clubs







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