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Military Resources

Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence


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Annual Report on Military Expenditures, 1998
 Department of State
Australian Security Intelligence Organization
Canada Communications Security Establishment by Bill Robinson
Cyber Jeanne d'Arc - Profiles of French Intelligence
Defense Budgets of Major Military Powers
Country Studies / Area Handbooks
 Library of Congress Federal Research Division
Foreign Special Operations Forces
 Special Warfare Foreign Military Studies Office - FMSO
Governments on the WWW - Gunnar Anzinger
Intelligence Agencies by Function - MILNET
Intelligence Communities by Country - Intelligence Watch Report
Intelligence Online - Indigo-net
International Intelligence History Study Group
National Counterintelligence Center - NACIC
Rexer's Special Ops and Counter-Terrorism Page
Security Awareness Bulletin - DOD Security Institute
Security Services in a Constitutional Democracy
Statewatch Database
 State and Civil Liberties in the European Union
The World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems - 02/96
Tracy White's SpecWar Page
UK Intelligence Community
UK Intelligence Community - Secret Kingdom
US Special Operations Unofficial Home Page by Tom Hunter
World Intelligence and Security Agencies - FAS






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