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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The L's


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La Reau's World of Miniature - Wisconsin
La Regla Lucumi, Lukuma, Santeria - Orisha
Labor Issues by David Low -
Labyrinth, The - Resources for Medieval Studies
Labyrinthina - and the Goddess Gathering Peru April, 1999
Lad - Dog Grave - New Jersey
Lake Monsters: Altamaha-Ha 
Lake Monsters: Champ - Lake Champlain 
Lake Monsters: Champ - Lake Champlain
Lake Monsters: Champ - Lake Champlain 
Lake Monsters: Global Underwater Search Team - GUST  
Lake Monsters: Gryttie - Lake Gryttgen
Lake Monsters: Irmo - Lake Murray, South Carolina
Lake Monsters: Memphremaggog  
Lake Monsters: Nahuelito - the Patagonian Lake Monster
Lake Monsters: Nessie - Loch Ness Monster Webpage   
Lake Monsters: Nessie - Loch Ness  
Lake Monsters: Nessie - Loch Ness - A Sightings Listing
Lake Monsters: Nessie - Loch Ness
Lake Monsters: Ogopogo 
Lake Monsters: Lake Baikal's Deep Secrets
Lancelot's Castle
 Nice Sight If You Can Tolerate Geocities Banners
Languages Page, The Human
Largest Gator Ever Built - Florida
Las Vegas 360 Degrees
Lassie Kills!
Last Page of the Internet, The
Last Word Science Questions and Answers, The
Laugh Out Loud
Laurel and Hardy Central
Law Enforcement by Clif Brinson -
Law Fun - Jocularity
Lawnmower Racing Association
 US Lawnmower Racing Association
Lawrence Welk Museum - California
Lawyers by Brian N. Durham -
Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois
Learn to say "Whassup" in over 20 Different Languages
Left Handed Universe, The
Left Hander-Living in the Mirror
Left-Handers - Life is Right Handed  
Left Handers in Society  
Left Hemisphere, The - Skepticism, Religion and Secularism
Legal and Government Info Resources - AWESOME
Legends - History/Literature
Legends, Myths,,Folklore, & Fairy Tales
Legends Reference Pages, Urban - Great Page
Lego FAQ
Lego FAQ, The - Another FAQ
Leo the MGM Lion's Grave - New Jersey
Leonardo Da Vinci, Drawings of
Leroy Brown: Large Mouth Bass Monument - Alabama
Lesbian Worlds by Therese Jansen
Level 10 Elevator: Marketing Department
Liberace Museum - Nevada
Libyan Desert Glass
License Plate Gallery, Internet - LP's with Internet Related Lingo
License Plates of the World
Life's Little Annoyances - Things that Drive a Sane Person Nuts
Life's Mysteries Solved
Light Technology
Lighthouse, Pharos - One of the Seven Wonders 
Lighthouses, Lightships and Life Saving Stations - WWW V-L
Lightning Portrait of Henry Wells - Alabama
Lightworkers Webring Index - 12 Sites
Lilith - Adams First Wife
Lineage's - A Major Genealogical Reference Library and Resource
Links to the Past - European History
Links to Weather Sites Around the World
Lip Balm Anonymous
Lisp FAQ
List of USENET FAQ's
List of World Religions
Lists, House of
Literary Kicks - the Beat Generation
Little Bett the Elephant - Rhode Island 
Little Sorrel - Stonewall Jackson's Horse - Virginia
Live Webcams, World Map of
Live Wire Cam Central
Lives of the Great DJs
 Unique Site - NOT Your Typical Radio Jockeys
Living Bible Museum - Ohio
Living Earth, The
Living Universe Foundation 
Lizard Man, The
Lizzie Borden Murderabilia - Massachusetts
Loaded - A Story
Local Times Around the World  
Loch Ness - Get a Degree in Monster Hunting 
Locksmith FAQ
Longendale - The Haunted Valley - Derbyshire, UK 
Look into the House of Mirrors - Transcendent Communications 
Lora's Web of Light - Light Worker 
Loser Site Webring - Embrace Your Loserness - 50 Sites
Lost Squadron Glacier Girl On-Line Museum
Lovely Morticia And Batboy's Online Creep Fest
Lucidity Institute 
Lucy the Elephant - New Jersey
Lufkan-Kulsa Lufka - Culture of the Lufkan People 
Lunar Anomalies Homepage 
Lunar Embassy Website
Lunar Institute of Technology 
Lycaem, The - Entheogenic Database and Community 






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