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Health and Medicine

Medical References and Resources


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A Family Medical Center - Topical Resources
Access-Able Travel Source
Acid-Base Balance
Active First Aid Online
Addiction Alternatives
Allergy and Immunology
 Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Allergy Alert - Claritin.com
Alzheimer's Web
American Heart Association
American Hospital Directory
American Housecall Network
American Medical Association
American Health Network
Anesthesia - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
AnswerMed.com - Information on Medical 
 Conditions and Medical/Surgical Procedures
Ask Dr Weil
Ask Doctor Weil - Daily Topical Information
Asthma All-Stars
Australian Health Online
AVERT - AIDS Education and Research Trust
Avicenna Online Medical Information
Bandaids and Blackboards - for Kids
Biosciences - Medicine - World-Wide Web Virtual Library
Bio/Tech News
Breaking News - Web Doctor
Case Management Resource Guide Online
Check out your Health Questionnaire
Choosing a Physician
Clinical Studies Database
Clinical Trials Listing Service - Center Watch 
CNN Health
Code RN2 Homepage Connection
 Medical Resources from a Nurse (29 years)
Complete Home Medical Guide - Columbia University
Cosmetic.org - Learn about Cosmetic Procedures
Countway Library of Medicine Web Resources
Data and Statistical Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Digital Medical Information Center
Doc in the Box
Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Dr. Gil Med Links
Ear, Nose, and Throat  Manual - Physician Generated for Patients
Emergency & Critical Care Medicine
 Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Emergency Medicine
 Online and in-print Internet Directories in Medicine
Emergency Health Links - Yahoo
Emergency Services Database
EMS - EMT Links
Essential Links - Countway Library of Medicine
Explorer's Medical Links Page
Family Medicine Net Guide - Articles, Information
Family's Guide to Diabetes, The
First Aid Library - Mayo Health Clinic
Fitness Link
Gastrointestinal and Liver Pathology
Global Enterprise Systems Reference Center - Medical Gophers
Good Health Web
Guide to Home Remedies & First Aid - by Dr. Vijay Prakash 
Guidelines for Medical & Health Information on the Net
Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources
Health and Medical Stuff - Links from Robins FYI
Health Care Information Resources on the Web
Health Data Management
Health Links of the Arab World
Health Risk Assessment
Health Science References - Countway Library of Medicine
HealthAtoZ - Medical and Health Care Information
Healthy Devil Online
Heartlink Healthcare Support Group
Hemophilia Home Page
Hernia Information
Hospital Web - UK -
 Medical Search Engine, Reference and Research Resource
House Doctor - Home Guide
Human Anatomy Online - Inner Learning Online
Incontinence and Medical Links Library - Urology
 Dictionary of Information for Patients and Support Groups
InfoSurf: Medicine - University of California at Santa Barbara
Integrative Medical Arts - Integrative Medicine and Natural Health
Internet Health Resources
Internet Medical Terminology Resources
Internet Pathology Library
Internet School House - Health Links
Learn CPR 
Martindale's Health Science Guide
Mayo Clinic - Mayo Health Online
Mayo Clinic - Foundation for Medical Education and Resource
MD Consult
MD Link
Med Help International - Medical Library Search Engine for Patients
MedExplorer - Health and Medical Information Center - Directory
Medical and Health Science Libraries
 Worldwide - University of Iowa 
Medical Breakthroughs
Medical Education Page
Medical Information Warehouse
Medical Libraries - Library Spot 
Medical Links 
Medical Links - A to Gerontology - Emergency Nursing World
Medical Links
 Government to Medical Organizations - Emergency Nursing World
Medical Links
 Medicla Records to Primary Care - Emergency Nursing World
Medical Links
 Psychology to Wilderness Medicine - Emergency Nursing World
Medical Matrix - Guide to Internet Clinical Medical Resources
Medical Matters Travel Tips
Medical Microbiology - University of Cape Town
Medical Patients Network
Medical Reference Library, Multimedia 
Medical Resources
Medical Sciences Bulletin
Medical Search Engine Links
Medical Search Engines - 5 on one page
Medical Study Guides Online - First and Second Year Classes
Medical World Search
Medical World Wide Web Links
Medical/Pharmacology/Mental Health Resources
 Specializing in the Treatment of Chronically Ill Children
Medi Care Tips
MedicinaTV.com - Espanola
Medicine by Topic
Medicine Net - Medical References, Shopping
MedicineOnline.net - Medical Reference and Cosmetic Procedures
Medicine Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
MediConsult.com - Health and Medical Information for Patients
MedInfo - Free and Understanding Medical Advice
Mediplaza - Medical Information Network
Meditorials - What's New Medical News
Medmark - Links
MedTerms - Medical Dictionary
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources
 Emory University Health Sciences Center Library
Mendelian Inheritance and the Mitochondrion - MitoDat
Merck Manual of Diagnostic and Therapy - Online - 17th Edition
Merck Publications Online Resources
 Health Information and Products
Microsoft Health Web
Modern Healthcare
Multimedia Medical Library
Murphy's Unofficial Medicaid Page - Resource Guide
National Institute of Health Clinical Alerts
National Library of Medicine
NOAH Online - New York Access to Health
OMNI - Internet Resources in Health and Medicine - UK
Online Medical & Science Dictionaries
Online Medical Dictionary
Online Medical Textbooks - Free
Online Surgery - Live Surgical Broadcasts
Ophthalmology - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation
 Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Otology/Laryngology - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Pathology - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Patient Information - The Royal College of Surgeons - UK
Pediatrics - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Pedsnet - Pediatric Content
Physical Therapy
 Online Training Materials on Healthcare and Physical Therapy
Physicians' Choice
Physicians Choice Award Winning Medical Web Sites
Physicians Online
Planned Parenthood
Pointcase Healthcare Insider
Poison Control System Answer Book
Private Healthcare - UK
Prostate Pointers
Psychiatry - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
PT Central - Comprehensive Physical Therapy Information
 Guide for Health Fraud, Quackery and Intelligent Decisions
Radiology, Imaging & Radiation Oncology - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Reuters Health
RiceInfo Medical Gopher - Gopher - Rice University
Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank
Ruth Lilly Medical Library - Indiana University
Samaritans - UK
Selecting Medical Insurance
Selfhelp A-Z Directory
Sites of Russian Medical and Scientific Interest
Sokrates - Medical Related Newsgroups
Surgery - Resources - Countway Library of Medicine
Surgery 101 - Surgical procedures and Information
The Doctor's Guide
The ER Watch - Emergency Room Incidents
The Family Resource Center - Topical Resources
The Genomics Lexicon
 Searchable Database of  Terms and Definitions
The Interactive Patient
The Merck Manual - Manual of Medical Information - Home Edition
The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
The Physician Advisor - Medical Topics by Lloyd Ito, MD
The Prior Health Sciences Library
The Six Senses Review
The Visible Human Project - National Library of Medicine
The Virtual Medical Center
Travel Health Online
University of Iowa's Virtual Hospital
Urgent Care At Home - Medical Self-Care Techniques
Urology Links 
US National Library of Medicine & Other Federal WWW Resources
Vesalius Interactive Anatomy
Video Online's Medical Resources Page
Viremia Page - Virology Resources
Virology Information on the WWW 
Virtual Autopsy 2
Virtual Grand Rounds - VGR - Interesting Spine Cases 
Virtual Hospital 
Virtual Hospital Home Page
Virtual Library - Biosciences
Virtual Library of Medicine
VitaLink - Record Storage Company in Canada
Web Doctor
 Index of Internet Medical Resources for Physicians for Physicians 
West Nile Fever - West Nile Virus and Fever Information
YourSurgery.Com - Multimedia Operative Procedures to Educate






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