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Online Medical Dictionaries - Glossaries and Terms


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AIDS 101 Glossary
AIDS Glossary of Medical, Statistical and Clinical Research Terminology 
Allergy Glossary
 Allergic Disease, Allergic Disorders, Allergic Illness
Allergy Lingo
Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment Glossary - 104 Medical Images and Videos  - HON Foundation
Anatomy Glossary
 759 Medical Images and Videos - HON Foundation
Biological Sciences Glossary
 179 Medical Images and Videos  - HON Foundation
Bladder Cancer Glossary - AFUD
Bone Marrow Treatment Glossary
Brain Tumor Patients, Dictionary for
Cancer Dictionary
Cancer Dictionary - NIH
Cancer Glossary -
Chemicals and Drugs Glossary
 274 Medical Images and Videos  - HON Foundation
Cognitive Science Dictionary - University of Alberta
Dental Dictionary, Patients
Dental Terminology
Dental Terms, Dictionary of
Diabetes Dictionary -
Diabetes Dictionary - NIDDK
Diseases Glossary
 588 Medical Images and Videos  - HON Foundation
Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words 
 Addictions & Life Organization
Ecological Epidemiology, Dictionary of
Fertility and Reproduction Glossary - FertiliText
CHORUS - Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology
Glossary of Eye and Vision Terms
Hepatobiliary Diseases
Interactive Glossary of Mental Health and Disability Terms
Lay Terms for Use in Preparing Consent Forms, Glossary of 
Medical Dictionary - Short - MedFacts  SportsDoc
Medical Dictionary - MedicineNet 
Medical Dictionary, Online - CancerWeb
Medical Dictionary Spelling Checker
Medical Glossary - AMA Health Insight 
Medical Glossary - University of Maryland 
Medical Sciences  Glossaries
 Abbreviations, Encyclopedias, Signs, Terminology - 100s
Medical Terms, Multilingual Glossary of - 9 Languages
Medical Terms, List and Glossary of
Mental Health, Online Dictionary of
MPIP Glossifier - Glossifies Medical Articles with Definitions 
MPIP Medical Dictionary 
MT Desk - Medical Transcription 
Multiple Sclerosis Library
Nuclear Medicine Terms
Oncology Terms, Glossary of
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
Online Scientific and Medical Dictionaries
Organisms Glossary
 91 Medical Images and Videos  - HON Foundation
Pharmacological Terms and References
Physical Sciences Glossary
 5 Medical Images and Videos  - HON Foundation
Psychiatric Terminology, Glossary of
Psychiatry and Psychology Glossary
 11 Medical Images and Videos  - HON Foundation
Rare Diseases - Terms and Definitions
Testicular Cancer Resource Center Dictionary
Vision Terms, Glossary of - National Eye Institute






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