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Reference Desk

Medieval and Celtic Resources


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General Resources

Arms and Armor
Arthurian FAQ
Arthurian Legends
Arthurian Legends Page, Terra's - The Women  
Arthurian Resources  
Directorie of Renaissance Faires and Medieval Festivals
Henderson Arms - Medieval Arms and Armor
Heraldic Symbolism in Tristram and Ishoud
Highlands, Scottish - Medieval History
Holy Grail: Texts, Images and Basic Information  
Holy Grail, The
Index of Middle Ages Materials 
Knights of the Templars - Links - and a lot of them
Kundry - High Messenger of the Grail
Lancelot's Castle
LeatherSmythe - Custom made leather armor and accessories
Medieval and Byzantine Studies Sites
Medieval Feminist Index
Medieval Fortifications of Germany - Castles
Medieval History by Melissa Snell -
Medieval Resources
Medieval Resources on the WWW
Medieval Sourcebook, The Internet - Women
Medieval Sourcebook1, Internet
Medieval Sourcebook2, Internet - Full Text Sources
Medieval Studies - WWW Virtual Library
Medieval Studies, Resources for - The Labyrinth - GREAT
Medievia - About Medieval Woman
Online Armory - Replica European Armor for Sale
Renaissance - Annenberg/CPB Exhibits 
Renaissance, Virtual  
The Enchanted Forest
The Grail Quest or The Orion Archetype and The Destiny of Man 
The Knights Templar Preceptory Portcullis
 also see the Holy Grail category in the Religion Section




Allans Best Renaissance Sites on the Internet Webring - 7 Sites, 
Armourers Ring - Chainmail, Leather, and Plate Armour - 75 Sites
Celtic Sites Webring - 11 Members
Celtic Renaissance Webring - 4 Members
Chainmaille Webring - 6 Sites
Change Ringing Webring - Change Ringing on Tower or Hand Bells - 97 Sites
Deutscher Mittelalter-Ring - 61 Sites
Excalibur Webring Index - Medieval - 63 Sites
Fans of Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and Celtic Culture Webring
 - 8 Members
Going Back to Medieval Webring - 17 Sites
I Believe* Webring - 36 Members
Knights Templar Webring - 7 Sites
Le Ring du Roi Arthur et des Celtes Webring - 16 Sites
Medieval and Reinassance Seamstresses Ring - 5 Sites
Medieval Cities, Castles and Fortresses Webring - 9 Members
Medieval Plate Armour Ring - 5 Sites
Medieval Recreation Ring - 104 Sites
Medieval Romance Ring - 3 Members
Medieval Studies Ring - 23 Members
Middle Ages and Renaissance Interest Webring - 152 Sites
Renaissance Faire Webring - 49 Sites
Renaissance Folks Webring - 9 Sites
Renaissance Playtrons Webring - 34 Sites
Ring of the Down - Fantasy,Medieval - 4 Sites
Ring of the Free Company of the Outlanders - 5 Sites
The Anything Scottish Circle of Friends Webring - 5 Members
The Heart of A Fae Webring - Celtic - 71 Sites
The Legendary Medieval Knights & Warriors Webring - 5 Sites
The Metalsmith's Ring - 8 Sites
The Ring of Chivalry Webring - 85 Sites
The Ring of Days - Medieval, Celtic - 2 Sites
Viking Blacksmith's Webring - 4 Sites








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