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Abuse and Survival

Missing Persons - Resources


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Child CyberSearch
ChildFind - Canada
Children Missing Organization 
Children Missing Organization Net Ring Index - 145 Sites 
CyberPages International - Lost and Missing Relatives
FBI's Most Wanted, Missing, Crime Alerts, Unknown Suspects
HELPcare Society
 for International Medical and Vocational Aid
Homeless Missing Person Project - for Victims of Predatory Abduction
Lost Children's Network
 A Television Search for Missing Children
Missing and Most Wanted
 State by State - Great Resource - NAIS
Missing Children Network Canada
Missing In Ireland
Missing Person Search Resources
Missing Persons Index
Missing Persons Pages - Instant Technologies
Missing Persons Resource Center - NAIS
Missing Persons Throughout the World
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
North America Missing Person Bureau
North American Missing Children Association
Ohio's Most Wanted for Neglecting to Pay Child Support 
The Stolen Web - Missing or Stolen Property
The Lost Child
The National Missing Persons Unit - Australia
The Polly Klass Foundation 
TroubleShooters International - Specialized Intelligence, 
 Missing Person and Security Related Services
Unsolved Mysteries Missing Persons List
VanishedVoices - for Families and Friends of over 50 Women that have Vanished from Vancouver, BC, Canada
We Tip Crime Net Missing Children Section






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