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Unusual Museums 


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American Cave Museum - Kentucky
American Funeral Museum - Texas
American Police Museum - Illinois
Angel Museum - Wisconsin
Banana Museum
Belhaven Memorial Museum - Weird Stuff here - North Carolina
British Lawnmower Museum
Bureau of Atomic Tourism - Atomic Test Sites and Museums
Bukit Besi - Selamat Hari Raya
Cabbage Patch Doll Births
Cat Museum 
Cross in the Woods, Nun Doll Museum - Michigan
Cypress Knee Museum - Florida
Dillinger Museum - Indiana
Electrical Museum
Emigrant Trail Museum and Statue - California
Exotic World/Strippers Hall of Fame - California
Fisher Museum of Automotive Art 
Flashlight Museum
Flashlight Museum - Another one
Franklin Mint Museum - Pennsylvania
Furnace Sticker Museum
Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk - Iowa
Gas Chamber & Prison Museum - Colorado
Georgia Rural Telephone Museum - Georgia
Glass Museum - New Zealand
Glore Psychiatric Museum - Missouri 
Great Blacks in Wax Museum - Maryland
Ham Radio Museum 
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village - Michigan
Hollywood Wax Museum - California
Lawrence Welk Museum
Liberace Museum - Nevada
Living Bible Museum
Mammoth Cave Wax Museum - Kentucky
Martinka Museum of Magic
Marvin Johnson's Gourd Museum - North Carolina
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum - Michigan
Max Nordeen's Wheels Museum - Illinois
Moxie World Headquarters
Museum of Board Games
Museum of Coathangers
Museum of Hoaxes 
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health - MUM for Short
Museum of Pez Memorabilia
Museum of Questionable Medical Devices - Minnesota
Museum of Tolerance - Simon Weisenthal Center 
Mutter Museum - Neat Stuff Here - Pennsylvania
National Rail Museum - New Delhi, India
NJ State Police Museum - New Jersey
Paul Broste Rock Museum - North Dakota
Professor Ouch's Odditorium 
Rosies Needle Book Museum
Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum - California
Sandpaper Museum - Minnesota
Schmidt's Coca-Cola Museum - Kentucky
Signalfans Museum of Traffic Control
Sing Sing Prison Museum - New York 
The Beatle's World Site Museum 
Titan Missile Museum - Arizona
Toaster Museum
Toilet Seat Art Museum 
Traffic Signal Museum 
Virtual Matchbox Labels Museum 
Virtual Toilet Paper Museum
Zymoglyphic Museum






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