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New Age

Native American - including
Earthworks, Mounds, Stone Circles


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Animal Spirit Guides - Shamanism
Counter Culture Books
Counter Culture Books - Homepage
Ayahuasca, Shamanic Journeys and Expiditions in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru
Ayahuasca-Alien Connection, The - The Visions
Cahokia Mounds: the Pyramids of Illinois - An Article 
Council on Spiritual Practices
Earth Day
Earth Measure - Native American Geometry
Earth Symbols - The World of Labyrinths & Geometric Symbols
Effigy Mounds National Park - Marquette, Iowa
Flint Ridge Prehistoric Quarry - Glenford, Ohio
Fort Ancient Hopewell Native American Earth Works
 Oregonia, Ohio - Warren Co
Freedom Book Company
Goodall-Hopewellians - Ionia County, Oregon 
Holistic Living 
Hopewell Astronomy at the Octagon Earthworks - Newark, Ohio
Hopi Theory of Creation
Creation Myths incorporating Egypt and the Pyramids - Links  
Huachuma or San Pedro 
I Am Coyote - Canis Latran - Native American
Indigenous Peoples Literature
 Native American Fables, Stories, Legends
Inner Space - Native American -
 Julia White - Self-growth, Self-Awareness
Ionia County Historical Society - Michigan
Lakota Herbals
Megalithic Sites and Mounds - Earth Mysteries
Metista Spirituality and Shamanism for American Mutts
Missouri Mystery Mound
Moonrises at the Octagon Earthworks
Mound Builders
Mound City Group
  Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, Chillicothe, Ohio 
Moundbuilders State Memorial - Great Circle - Newark, Ohio
Mounds and Mound Builders
Mounds of the Midwest - Chicago tribune
Mystery of the Mound Matrix - Evidence suggests mound builders
 of North American placed Temples at locations that form an
 interlocking grid matrix producing geometric patterns in the shape
 of five pointed stars
National Museum of the American Indians - Washington, DC
Native American Links - The Arts
Native American Resources Index - WWW-VL
Native American Healing
Ohio Mound Builders
Ohio's Prehistoric People - Middle Woodland, Hopewell
On the Great Hopewell Road
Parks Canada - National Historic Sites Page 
Sacharuna - Shamanistic
Serpent Mound Mysteries
Shaman and Rock Art - Southern Utah
Shaman, The Basement 
Shamanic Synthesis, Institute for
Shamanic Teachings and Techniques
Shamanism - General Overview FAQ
Shamanism - Metista's FAQ
Shamanism - Twin Shaman
Shamanism - Working With Animal Spirits
Shamanism FAQ
Shamanistic Studies, The Foundation for
Shamanic Plant Powers 
Sacred Smoke 
Sacred Hoop Magazine 
Shamanistic Traditions, Repression of - The Mountain
Shasta Spirit - The Mountain
Sioux, Myths and Legends of the
Sweat Lodge
Sweat Lodge
Sweat Lodge: Sweetgrass Trails -  Akakiaayo, Mukwa Mishoomis, Old Bear - Great Sweatlodge Information
TechnoShaman Thoughts  
The Alligator Mound - A Hopewell Effigy - Online Maps
The Great Circle Earthworks
 formerly known as Moundbuilders State Memorial
The Megalith Map - Book for Sale
A resource for finding any stone circle or stone row in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales
The Octagon Earthworks - Hopewell Lunar Astronomy
The Octagon Earthworks - Part of the Newark Earthworks 
The Stone Circle Webring - 250 Sites
The Wright Earthworks - Part of Newark Earthworks State 
Traditional and Tribal Brews 
Totem Animals and Familiars 
Waterlogged Trenches - WWI Trenches
Wolflodge Cultural Foundation
  Native American Philosophy, Prophecy, Shamanism



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