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Health and Medicine

Pharmacology - Pharmacies, Drugs, Toxicology


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Pharmacology - Pharmacies, Drugs, Toxicology

A First Course in Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics - Medicine Ratings and Health Care Opinions
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
College of Pharmacy Home Page
CVS Pharmacy
Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapies 
Drug Checker - Online Pharmacy Listing
Drug Database - Generic and Trade Names
Drug InfoNet - Pharmaceutical Manufacture Information
Drug Interactions -
DrugDB - Drug Information Center
DrugPR - Drug Press Releases
Drugs - Drugs and Pharmaceuticals - News and Information - Online Pharmacy and Drugstore - America's Medication Specialists
FDA Drug Approvals List
Glossary of Terms and Symbols used in Pharmacology 
Informed Drug Guide - Information on 100 Drugs
Internet Drug Index, The
Medical/Pharmacology/Mental Health Resources
Medical and Pharmaceutical Information - MedPhi
Medline Plus Drug Information
Office of Planning and Evaluation - FDA - 
 Approval of New Drugs in the United States
Patient Advocacy Numbers - John Hopkins Medical Institutions 
 Personalized Medical Information and Services Online
Pharmaceutical Information 
Pharmacology and Legal Drugs -
Pharmacology Glossary 
Pharmacology Info Net - Up to Date Drug Information
Pharmacology/Toxicology Resources
Pharmacy - WWW Virtual Library
Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology Journals 
Pharmacy Information
Pharmacy Related Academic Institutions on the Internet  -
Pharmacy Related Internet Resources - Up to Date Drug Information
Pharm Web - Pharmaceutical Information on the Internet
Porter Pharmacy - Jacksonville, Texas
Psychopharmacology Tips -
 The Virtual En-psych-lopedia by Dr. Bob
Rite Aid
RxList - The Internet Drug List - Articles, News, Information
Rxtra Info - University of Tennessee
Rx2000 Institute
 Bridging the eHealth Frontier - Non-profit Organization
 Consumer Based Drug Information and Safety Tips Site - Drug Information and Safety
The Virtual Pharmacy Center - Martindale's - Great Resource
Trade and Generic Names of Psychiatric Medications 
United Nations Drug Control Program
US Pharmacopoeia - Search
US Pharmacopoeia Convention
Venlafaxine (Effexor) FAQ
World Drug Store
WWW Virtual Library: Pharmacy








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