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Remembering Those Who Fought 
For Our Nation and Our Freedom

A Katyn and World War Two Diary - An Officer who Survived the 
 Execution of 27,000 Polish POW's by Stalin - Diaries and Letters 
 Chronicle Poland's Holocaust
A Pararescueman, Gone But Not Forgotten
 T/SGT James R. Thomas, USAF
A POW's Prayer...
Albarb's POW/MIA Pages  
America's Most Wanted: Alive
 MACV-SOG 5th Special Force Recon Team ASP 1971
American Ex-POW Organization Home Page
Army Vet's Remember - POW/MIA Information Page
Avalon Project
 Convention Relating to Prisoners of War; July 27, 1929
Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Foundation of New Mexico, Inc
 Bataan Death March 
Benjamin Franklin Edwards, WWII
 An American Hero - Navigator on the Rosalia Rocket 
Bloodstripes POW/MIA Page  
Coalition of Families of Korean & Cold War POW/MIA's  
Colditz Castle : Everyday Life in Oflag IVC  - 
 by Major W. F. Anderson, MBE, MC, Royal Engineers 
Colditz Castle Oflag IVC
 Escapes from Colditz Castle by Paul Dean
DaveWeb POW/MIA Home Page
Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office - US Military Website
Doc's Patriotic Graphics 
Firebase Eagle Spirit - LT. Col. Earl P. Hopper, Jr. USAF 
Firebase Freedom - Vietnam Veteran and POW/MIA Home Page
For Thomas and Owen, POW/MIA - A Personal Tribute
Free POW/MIA Patriotic Graphics 
Friends of POW-MIA - Old Glory Traditions
Gunny Mike's POW/MIA Information  
Guy's POW/MIA Full Accounting
I Remember....What They Did For Me! - A Tribute
In Hell There Is A Place Called Death's Railway
 by Stanley Willner's, POW River Kwai
In Memoriam - CPT. Carl E. Jackson, USAF
In Memory - Post the name of your POW/MIA as a tribute
In Tribute - Honoring our POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War
In Remembrance of Unsung Heroes
Iowa's POW/MIAs
Island Farm POW Camp 198 / Special Camp 11 - German 
 POW Camp in Bridgend, Wales, UK and then a Camp that 
 held German  Officers pending Nuremburg War Trials 
Jan's POW-MIA Remembrance Site
Jayme Lynns POW/MIA Page
Jerry's POW/MIA United States Marine Corps
Korean POW/MIA - Roger A. Dumas
Korean War POW - Arden Allen Rowley - 33 Months POW
Korean War POW - SFC William L Hackney
Korean War POW History News Article
 Arden Allen Rowley, POW in Korea
Korean War POW/MIAs from California - 628 Servicemen
Korean War Project - A Non-Profit 
 Organization devoted to the study of the Korean War
Korean War US POW's in Soviet Jails  
Larry's Lounge POW/MIA Page
Laverne's Missing American Heros
 Korea, Gulf War, Vietnam, WWI, WWII
Library of Congress POW/MIA Homepage  
Lost in Laos
 Resource for those Researching Vietnam POW/MIAs
Marine Corps League POW/MIA Page
Medics POW/MIA's
 Army Medics who are still listed as POW/MIA from Vietnam 
MIA Facts  
Moscow Bound? - POW/MIA LCDR James Kelly Patterson, USN
My Hitch In Hell! - WWII - US Marine, Japanese POW
My Adopted POW/MIA Site
National League of POW/MIA Families  
National Alliance of POW/MIA Families Home Page
National Veterans Organization  
Operation Black Flag - Public Awareness on the POW-MIA Issue
Operation Just Cause - POW/MIA Awareness Organization
Our Governemnt Forgot About Them, Did You?
Pararescue - Gone But Not Forgotten
Pararescue - Those That Gave All, That Others May Live
POW Network  
Prisoner Of War  
 by Dr. Paul Ashton, medical staff of the US Bataan Force
Robert D. Reeves - Peoria to Munich - A Prisoner of War
POW/MIA Search - Searchable POW/MIA Database
POW/MIA Balloon Launch - Annual Event
POW/MIA Freedom Fighters
POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Ring - 62 Sites
POW/MIA Links  
POW/MIA Links -
POW/MIAs from California - 202 Vietnam Servicemen
POW/MIA's from New Jersey
POW/MIA's from North Dakota
POW/MIA's from Pennsylvania
 592 from the Korean War and 101 from the Vietnam War
POW/MIA Net Ring Index - 514 Sites
POW Network  
POW's & MIA's from Oregon
POW's & MIA's from Tennessee
Raptor's Nest  
Rhongstad's POW Page - Resources
Tara McWhirter's Homepage
 POW/MIA and other Military Information
Spite House  
The Last Patrol Homepage - Veterans Advocacy Group 
The Meadow Years - The 1960s and 1970s
The Other Side of the Wall
 A Personal Memorial to the Vietman Memorial Wall
The Patriot's Inn - A Tribute to Major 
 Thomas E. Clark and Pennsylvania's POW/MIAs
13th Bomb Squadron Association
 USAF Korean War Veterans Group
371st ASA Memorial Page - Paul Black Missing Since 1971
Tracers POW/MIA Bunker
Tribute to POW/MIA - POW/MIA Information and Discussion
True American Heros - American Heroes from the Vietnam War
Twelve Hundred Days - by Russell A. Grokett, 
 Bataan Death March Survivor and 3  year POW
US Army Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii - USACILHI
Vietnam MIA - Calvin C Glover, USAF
Vietnam MIA - CPT Carl E. Jackson, USAF 
Vietnam MIA - CPT George D. MacDonald 
Vietnam MIA - George William Morris, Jr
Vietnam MIA - James T. Egan, USMC
Vietnam MIA - Lt James Ramsey, USMC - Returned 1998 
Vietnam MIA - SP5 Micheal Frederic May
Vietnam POW - Burt C. Small Jr.
Vietnam POW
 Paul Galanti-Cdr USN Ret - Nearly 7 Years in the Hanoi Hilton 
Vietnam POW HomePage - Three's In 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Alan Gordon Kennedy 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Arthur Charles Buck 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Augusto Maria Xavier 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Benny Lee Dexter 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Berman Ganoe Jr.
Vietnam POW/MIA -  Brian Dunstan Woods
Vietnam POW/MIA - Charles Ervin Shelton, USAF 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Charles Frank Morley
Vietnam POW/MIA - Charles Richard Lee 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Christos Constantine Bogiages, Jr.
Vietnam POW/MIA - Daniel Arthur Sulander 
Vietnam POW/MIA - David Whittier Morrill 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Donald Bruce Bloodworth
Vietnam POW/MIA - Donald Everret Crone 
Vietnam POW/MIA -  Donald Lee Sparks
Vietnam POW/MIA - Gerald Everett Olson
Vietnam POW/MIA - Harold Benton Lineberger
Vietnam POW/MIA - Harold Kahler
Vietnam POW/MIA - Jack Rockwood Harvey 
Vietnam POW/MIA - James Douglas Birchim 
Vietnam POW/MIA - James Kelly Patterson 
Vietnam POW/MIA - James R. Thomas
Vietnam POW/MIA - James W. Gates
Vietnam POW/MIA - James Wesley Jackson Jr
Vietnam POW/MIA - Jerry Glen Bridges
Vietnam POW/MIA - John William Parsels
Vietnam POW/MIA - Kelton Rena Turner
Vietnam POW/MIA - Larry Coleman Knight 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Lawrence Eugene Lilly 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Luther Albert Lono 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Lyle Everett MacKedanz 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Mark John Robertson
Vietnam POW/MIA - Michael Christopher Lane
Vietnam POW/MIA - Michael Estocin
Vietnam POW/MIA - Michael Leroy Batt
Vietnam POW/MIA - Michael Paul Burns
Vietnam POW/MIA - Michael Timothy McCormick 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Paul Everett Getchell
Vietnam POW/MIA - Peter Potter Pitman
Vietnam POW/MIA - Ralph Campion Bisz
Vietnam POW/MIA - Randolph Jefferson Ard
Vietnam POW/MIA - Richard J. Lacey 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Ronald James Schultz
Vietnam POW/MIA - Ronnie Hensley 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Roy DeWitt Prater
Vietnam POW/MIA - Russell Pete Bott 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Samuel Adams
Vietnam POW/MIA
 Samuel Adams, Thomas Moore, Charles Dusing - USAF
Vietnam POW/MIA - Stephen James Harber 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Thomas Edwin Scheurich 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Thomas Isaac Ledbetter 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Thomas Y Adachi, USAF 
Vietnam POW/MIA - Timothy Bodden
Vietnam POW/MIA - Willard Marion Collins
Vietnam POW/MIA - William E. Mickelsen, Jr
Vietnam POW/MIA - William Robert Finn, Louisiana
Vietnam POW/MIA - CPL John C. Keiper, USMC 
Vietnam POW/MIA - SGT Floyd H. Robinson 
Vietnam POW/MIA - SSG Gregory R. Benton Jr
Vietnam POW/MIA - SSG Leo Earl Seymour Of Towanda, PA
Vietnam POW/MIA - SSG Lyle Everett MacKedanz 
Vietnam POW/MIA - CPT John N. Flanigan
Vietnam POW/MIA - CW2 Alan Wendell Gunn 
Vietnam POW/KIA - LCDR Terry A. Dennison 
US Army Central Identification Laboratory - Hawaii
USS Hornet POW/MIA Page
Veterans Forever, Forever Veterans - VFFV
Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Center  
Vipers Vietnam Veteran Page - A Vietnam Veteran and Proud
Voices, The Spirit of the American Soldier
 Dedicated to T/SGT Richard M. Cole, USAF 
Wolfhound's POW/MIA links  
World War II - Axis Prisoner of War Camps
World War II - Japan's Prisoner of War Camps - 
 more than 37% died in captivity
World War II
 List of Japan's Prisoner of War Camps - How to Order Reports 
World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I
World War II MIA - Benjamin Franklin Edwards - 20th AirForce, 
 500th Bomb Group, 881st Squadron on Saipan, Marianas Islands 
 - Navigator on the Rosalia Rocket 
World War II POW  - 
 Robert D. Reeves - Peoria to Munich - Stalag VII
World War II POW - Major Robert Goldsworthy
World War II Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I
World War II - Letters from Home - Stalag Luft I
WWII POW Research of Stalag Lutfs
You Sent Me, Bring Me Back - POW/MIA Rainer Sylvester Ramos
Zippo's Corner - story of  POW/MIA Mark Smith 



 POW/MIA banner by Ron Fleischer




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