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Religion and Beliefs

Religion in General and Theology


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Religion - in General and Theology

Abzu - Over 41,000 Adherent Statistics and Religious 
 Geography Citations - Congregation Statistics for over 4,200 
 Religions, Churches, Denominations, Religious Bodies, Faith 
 Groups, Tribes, Cultures, Movements, Ultimate Concerns, etc.
Aesops Fables - E-texts 
African Traditional Religion
Alchemy Website and Virtual Library
American Religion Data Archive
Astro-Archaeological Star of Bethlehem
Astrology and the Apocalypse
Babylon, Gateways to - Mesopotamia Ancient and Modern
Babylon Matrix - Interesting
BeliefNet - Spiritual
Bethlehem, Star of
Biospirituality - World Religions and Philosophies
Black Church Fires
 Online Resource Guide - Rebuilding Burned Churches
Blind Chihuahua, Virtual Church of the
Book of Revelations, Resources for the Study of the
Calendar Converter
Catholic Liturgical Library
Catholic Saints and Angels
Celtic Attic - Spiritual and Religious Links
Cesnur - Center for the Studies of  New Religions
Choir Links Page, The - You have to see it to Believe it
Christian Theology Directories - Google
Church Bulletins, Humorous
Church History, The Hall of
 Theology From a Bunch of Dead Guys™
Churches of Christ Links, Internet - ICOC
Council on Spiritual Practices
Creation Mythologies Around The World
CrossWalk - The Intersection of Faith and Life
Detailed Guide to the Rosary
Dharma the Cat - Philosophy with Fur
Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
East Asian Language and Thought, Resources for the Study of
Einstein's Writings on Science and Religion
Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire - A Listing
Ethiopian Texts, Library of
Fox's Book of Martyrs
Garabandal - Prophecies
Greek and Roman Mythological Characters
Greek Manuscript Research Center
Greek Mythological Link
Hall of Church History - Theology from a Bunch of Dead Guys
Hieroglyphic Font Extended Library - More than 4700 Signs
Hieroglyphs - Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Holy Days, Seasonal Days of Celebration, List of Religious Festivals
India, Religions in
India, Religions of
Institute for Creation Research
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies
Jewish Roman World of Jesus
Journal of Religious and Theological Information
Links Pertaining to or Useful in Religious Studies
Maps of the Ancient World
Meru Foundation - Origin and Nature of the Hebrew Alphabet
Mesoamerican Calendars
Military Martyrs
Modern Belief
Mystical Library
Mythological Characters
Myths and Legends
Nazareth Resources
Neopagan Religious Archives
New Thought Webring - 19 Sites
Non-Christian Faith Groups - 
Non-Christian Religions
Non-Christian Religions - Another Link
Noncanonical Homepage - Documents to Aid Students...
Non-Duality - Advaita, Gurus, Teachers, Masters, etc
Non-Duality Salon
One Degree Beyond - Reiki Journey into Energy Medicine 
Oriental Institute Research Archives
Orthodox Church and Bible Study Links
Orthodox Prayers
Papal Prophecies
Perpetual Calendar
 Find any Day of the Week for a 10,000 Year Period
Perseus Project - Greek On-Line Library
Perspectives on Faith - A Website About Inquiry into Religion
Platonic Dualism
Pleiadian Messages by Gillian Macbeth-Louthan
Project Rishi Society
Proof for the Existence of God
Prophets and Prophecies - An Index
Psychology of Religion - Homepage
Psychology of Religion - WWW V-L
Qadash Kinahnu - A Canaanite-Phoenician Temple
Qumran Library
Raelian Mother Site - Interesting
Rainbow, Colours and Science Mythology
Rainbow Family Gathering   
Reference Works
Religion, American Academy of
Religion, Religions, Religious Study Page - Huge Resource
Religion and Culture of the Roma - Gypsies
Religion and UFOs - Very Interesting
Religion Behind Bars
Religion Gateway - Academic Info
Religion News Service
Religions, List of World
Religions, Mysticism in World
Religious and Sacred Texts
Religious Education Tolerance Association Webring - 34 Sites
Religious Festivals, Holy Days and Seasonal Days of Celebration
Religious Information Menu
Religious Makeup of the United States
Religious Makeup of the World - Country by Country
Religious News of the World - Golden Compass
Religious Resources - English E-Text  -  
 Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Polyglot Bible, etc. 
Religious Studies Department at Santa Clara University
Religious Tolerance
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism
Revival Webring - 107 Sites
Roma, Religion and Culture of the - Gypsies
Roman Calendar
Roman Emperors, A Visual Compendium of
Roots & Wings - A Yoga, Bodywork and Natural Healing Center
Sacred and Holy Places, Mountains and Temples
Sacred Texts Archive, Internet
Sacred Transformations
Sanskrit Documents
Satan and the Fallen Angels
Science and Theology Webring - 15 Sites
Secretum Secretorum - of Pseudo-Aristotle - Book of Secrets

Self-Realization Fellowship Home Page - Paramahansa Yogananda

Sepher Yetzirah
Seven Bodies Seven Chakras
Skeptic's Annotated Bible - SAB
Solomon, The Temple of
Space and Time
St Benedict and His Order
St Pachomius Library - Orthodox Studies and Patristics
St Therese of Lisieux: The Little Flower - Her Life, Mission Work, Views on Prayer, Her Cures and the Lay Order of Carmelites
Sun Angel - Joyful Alternatives for Spiritual Self Help
Tara Rokpa Therapy -  
 Bringing together Eastern/Western Understanding of the Mind
Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
The Wabash Center Guide to Internet Resources.
The Brethren - Jim Roberts
The Bible's Way to Victory over ADHD and Other Childhood Challenges - A Free Online eBook
The Corpus Hermeticum
The Devil's Dictionary - E-text 
The Earth Calendar
 Daybook of Holiday and Celebrations Around the World
The Measuring Stick - Answers Concerning God, Christ and Aliens
The Merneptah Stela
The Merneptah Stela - Another Link
The Messianic Elite - The Communities of the Scrolls
The Religious Broadcasting Page
The Religious Freedom Page
The Religious Movements Homepage - University of Virginia
The War Rule Scroll
Theological Links
Theology Library, School of
Traditionalist and Schismatic Catholics Page
Ultimate Pro-Life List
University of Michigan Papyrus Collection
Urantia Book, The
US Army Handbook for Chaplains - Excerpt on Wicca
Virtual Religion Index - Rutger's
Voynich Manuscript, The
 The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World
Wesley Center for Applied Theology
Women's Early Eastern Spirituality
 Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, Zen
World Religions - The List
World Religions, Mysticism in
WWW Resources - Religion



Religions - Miscellaneous

African Traditional Religion
Ashram on the Internet - Light of Sivananda Valentina
BOTA - Builders of the Adytum - Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot
Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University 
Campus Crusade for Christ International
Celtic Religion
Cypher Documents of the Golden Dawn
Existentialism: An Introduction - 
 Phenomenology and Existentialism's
Hare Krishna Index, The
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Hermetic Order of the Morning Star
Holy Blue Brethren, The Sublime Lodge of the
 Sacerdotal Knights of National Security
Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Kurbana,The - According to Syro-Chaldean Rite
La Regla Lucumi, Lukuma, Santeria - Orisha
Mysteries of the Templars
Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism - Japanese New Religion
Ordo Templi Orientis
Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon, The
Ordo Templi Orientis US Grand Lodge
The Claretian Missionaries
Unitarian Universalism FAQ



Religion - The Webrings

A Time to Heal Webring - 15 Sites
Angelic Reflections Webring - 7 Sites
Angels and Miracles Webring - 39 Sites
Bible Challenge for Catholics Webring - 15 Sites
Catholic Moms on the Internet Webring - 13 Sites
Catholic Weblink Webring - 18 Sites
Catholic Writers Webring - 12 Sites
Christian Causes and Concerns Webring - 11 Sites
Christian Miscarriage Support Group - 6 Members
Christian Mothers on the Web Webring - 13 Sites
Christian Webmasters Webring - 41 Sites
Eastern Catholic Webring - 28 Sites
For His Love Webring - Christian Based - 27 Sites
Fundamental Baptist Ladies Webring - 10 Sites
God's Ladies on the Web Webring - Christian Women - 13 Sites
Heartland Partners in Prayer Webring - 7 Sites
In Her Arms Webring - Catholic - 20 Sites
International Theravada Buddhism Webring - 16 Sites
Jesus Christ Webring - 31 Sites
Jesus Name Webring - 12 Sites
Jesus is Lord of My Life Webring - 58 Sites
Jewish Groups Webring - 36 Sites
La Angelique Webring - Angels - 8 Sites
Lightworkers Webring - 10 Sites
Melkite Catholic Webring - 5 Sites
Ministers on The Internet Webring - 6 Sites
Perpetual Divine Mercy Crusade Ring - 30 Sites
Parachurch Ministries - 6 Sites
Ring of Intercessors Webring - 44 Sites
Ring of Reformed Sites Webring - 11 Sites
Spiritwyse Webring - New Age - 50 Sites
Tamarisk Crescent Webring - 6 Sites
The Bible Webring - 13 Sites
The Charismatic Webring - Christian - 5 Sites
The Christian Men's Ring - 20 Sites
The Evangelical Webring - 26 Sites
The Gospel Webring - 13 Sites
The Holy Bible Webring - 18 Sites
The Holy Scripture Webring - 9 Sites
The Jewish NetRing - 28 Sites
The Morning Joy Webring - Christian Women - 12 Sites
The Mystic Angels Webring - 14 Sites
The Protestant Webring - 16 Sites
The Rosary Ring - 35 Sites
The Soaring Dove Webring  - 2 Sites
West Coast Christians Webring - Born Again - 12 Sites
Women of The Word Webring - Christian - 19 Sites






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