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Military Resources

The Revolutionary War  1775-1783


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American Revolution - The History Place 
American Revolution Information - Rue's Webpages
American Revolution Navigation Tools 
American Revolutionary War Soldiers & Their Descendants
American Revolution Ring - 54 Sites
Battle Streamer: Revolutionary War 1775-1783
Bibliography: American Revolution, 1775-1783
Bibliography: American Revolution:Biography
Black Revolutionary War Patriots Foundation
Boston's American Revolution Sites
Congress and the Continental Navy, 1775-1783: Chronology and Documents
Crown Forces in America 1775-1783 - 21 Sites 
Jones, John Paul
LIBERTY! The American Revolution - PBS Series
Officers of the Continental Navy and Marine Corps
Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Historic Preservation Study - by Michael and Sonja Meals
Rules for the Regulation of the Navy of the United Colonies of North America, 1775
Sons of the American Revolution Home Page
The Road to Washington: British Army Style 
The War for American Independence
Vessels of the Continental Navy
Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolutionary War



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