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Religion and Belief's

Sacred Texts and Geography


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Earth Measure - Native American Geometry
Holy Places - Adherents.com
Intent.com - Sacred Geometry 
Peace and Power, Places of - A Great Site
Religious and Sacred Texts
Sacred and Religious Texts
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry - by Randy Masters
Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion
Sacred Geometry of the Earth and Planets - AWESOME Resource
Sacred Landscape
Sacred Sites - Places of Peace and Power. Nearly 1000 Sacred
 Sites and Power  Places in 50 Countries with Photographs and
 Detailed Writings
Sacred Sites, Ancient Civilizations
 More Production, but Well Done
Sacred Sites, Explore the
Sacred Sites and Crop Circles in Southern England
Sacred Sites from Colorado to Arizona
Sacred Space and Stone Circles - The Geo Group
Sacred Transformations




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