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news:alt.alien.research news:alt.paranet.ufo
news:alt.alien.visitors news:alt.paranormal.channeling
news:alt.amateur-comp news:alt.personals.aliens
news: alt.drugs.psychedelics
news:alt.folklore.military news:sci.electronics
news:alt.government.abuse news:sci.military
news:alt.inventors news:sci.physics
news:alt.memetics news:sci.physics.electromag
news:alt.mindcontrol news:sci.physics.plasma
news:alt.misc.forteana news:sci.physics.fusion news:sci.physics.research
news:alt.paranet.forteana news:sci.skeptic
news:alt.paranet.metaphysics news:talk.bizarre
news:alt.paranet.paranormal news:talk.religion.misc
news:alt.paranet.psi news:talk.religion.newage news:usa.tesla
news:alt.paranet.skeptic news:uk.rec.ufo






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