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Balch/Porterfield Reunion Association
 USS Balch DD-363 and USS Porterfield DD-682
Cold War Submarine Memorial Foundation  
Directory of Online Submariners - Directory and Locator 
HMS Vasteras
 T135 - Fast Attack Missile Craft - Royal Swedish Navy
National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors  
Naval Submarine League - Publishes 'The Submarine Review'
Navy League of the United States
 Civilian Organization Founded in 1902 
Submarine Wives Club  
Tailhook Association  
The Goat Locker - US Navy Chief Petty Officers 
 Type-IXc German U-boat - Resides in Chicago, Illinois Museum
US Navy Mustangs - LDO/CWO 
US Submarine Veterans Inc  
US Submarine Veterans of World War II  
USNA Alumni Association - Official Site 
USNA Alumni Association, - Midlands, South Carolina Chapter
USS Allen M. Sumner - DD-692 
USS America Association - CV-66 - Carrier Veterans Association 
USS Arizona Reunion Association 
USS Cod - SS-224 - Submarine
USS DeLong - DE-684 - US Destroyer Escort 
USS Gantner - DE-60 
USS Hadley - DD-774 - Record holder 
 for downing the most aircraft (23) in 90 minutes
USS Hammerberg - DE-1015 - 
 Commissioned 1955, Decommissioned 1974
USS Haynsworth - DD-700
USS Harry E. Hubbard - DD-748 - US Navy Destroyer
USS Krishna Association - ARL-38
USS LST 494 - WWII Landing Ship Tank
USS LST 794 - WWII Landing Ship Tank
USS Portland - CA-33
USS Richard S. Edwards Association - DD-950
USS Samuel B. Roberts - DE-413
USS Saratoga  Association - CV-3 and CV-60
USS Simon Lake - AS-33
USS William R. Rush - DD/DDR-714
Utility Squadron Ten - VU-10
VP-4 Association - US Navy Patrol Squadron Four






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