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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The T's, Part 1


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Table Tennis and Ping-Pong by Sean O'Neill -
Table Tennis FAQ
Tabouli - News for the New World Order
Tales of the Paranormal, the Occult, the Weird
Tales of Traditional Wisdom
Talking Trees
Talking Trees - Again
TammySlug.Com - The Official Pacific Northwest Slug Page
Tantra - The Other Dimension
Tantric Sexual Rituals
Tao, The Adobe of the Eternal
Tao Te Ching - E-text
Taoism - The Western Taoist
Taoism and Related Information
Taoism Information Page
 Tao-Te-Ching/Chuang-Tzu/Sun-Tzu/I-Ching, etc.
Taoist Wisdom, Gems Of
Taos Hum, The
Tater Temple, The - Potato Museum -
 See the Worlds Largest Potato Chip
Tarot - Tools And Rites Of Transformation
Tarot, Learning the
Tarot Association, The American 
Tarot Collection, Wicce's
Tarot Explanations
Tattoo and Body Piercing by Karen Hudson -
TaxWeb - Internet Based Tax Material
Teachings of Ching Hai - Female Master- Quan Yin Method
Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures
Techno-Shamanistic Thoughts
Technologies Links - 100s of Manufacturers
Teen Links
Tel Amarna Tablets, The
Telecommunications by Brian McIntosh -
Telemarketer Insult Generator
Telepathic Communication, Interspecies  
Telephone Directories on the Web - World Wide
Telescopes, Worlds Largest Optical Telescopes 
Telescopes and Binoculars Orion - Sales
Telescopes and Observation Links 

Television Commercials

Television News Archive - Vanderbilt University - Simply Awesome
Temple of Mankind - Damanhur
Temple Ov Psychick Youth World Network
Terra's Arthurian Legend Page - The Women  
Terrence McKenna Land -
Test Your I.Q.
Test Junkie - Personality and Related Tests
Tests Page, Barbarian's Online - More Than Eight 
Tests, Tests, Tests - Online Quizzes and Tests
Tests, Tests, Test - Psychological
Texas Roadside Ruins
Texas USA: The Bull - Texas
Text-to-Speech Synthesis - Bell Labs
Thank You For Nothing
That's All Folks!
The Abyss - Crystals/Dracula/Ghosts/Nostradamus ....
The AFU and Urban Legends Archive - American Folklore Urban
The All Seeing Eye: Research and News
 UFO and ET Agenda of the US Government
The Amazing Jonathon
The Amazing "Send me a Dollar" Website 
The American West - A Celebration of the Human Spirit
The Answering Machine
 Free Messages for your Answering Machine
The Anything Scottish Circle of Friends Webring - 5 Members
The Art of Napping at Work
The Badger's Survival Family Webring - 5 Members
The Big Duck - New York 
The Big Stack - Worlds Tallest Smoke Stack - Montana
The Big Weenie
The Big Well & the Meteorite - Kansas
The Biggest Pit in the World - Utah
The Black Vault - 7,654 Pages - You have to see it to believe it
The Buzz Saw
The Cardiff Giant - New York 
The Cartouche Maker
The Cauldron and The Cross Webring Index - 28 Sites
The Caveman - Oregon 
The Chimp Farm - Florida
The Crawling Eye 
The Crayola Factory - Pennsylvania
The Darwin Awards
The Dead Pals of Sam Sanfillippo - Diorama - Wisconsin
The Deadpool Webring - 25 Sites
The Dismal Scientist Layoff Calculator - estimates the probability
 that you will lose your job by year end 2002
The Dolphin Circle
The Dumpomatic
The Dungeon of Terror 
The Ed Wood Webring Index - 15 Sites
The 80's Extravaganza 
The 80's Music Webring Index - 165 Sites
The Electronic Bunker - Conspiracy Online
The Enchanted Forest - Arthurian
The Enchanted Highway - North Dakota
The European High-Rise Website
 Information on 8000+ High-Rises
The Father's Day Webring Index - 15 Members
The Feminist Webring Index - 47 Members
The Fire Still Burns 
The First Male Pregnancy
The Flaming Yodas Webring - 8 Members
The Fonz Was NOT Cool
The ForEverTron - Wisconsin
The Fourth of July Webring - 20 Members
The Foxbusters
The Fremont Troll - Washington State
The Funny Farm - Oregon 
The Great Pyramid - The Ancient mystery Revealed by Larry Pahl
The Green Hornet - The Web Page
The Guys Versus the Girls Burp Contest!
The Happy Halloween Ring Index - 108 Members
The Happy New Year's Webring - 28 Members
The Happy Thanksgiving Ring Index - 41 Members
The Happy Valentine's Day Webring Index - 46 Members
The Heart of A Fae Webring Index - Celtic - 71 Sites
The Hideous Jabbering Head of Abraham Lincoln
The Hodge-Podge Transformer 
The Housework Sucks, Gimme the Net Webring Index - 148 Sites
The High Rise Pages  
The High Rise Site - Worldwide
The Awesome 80's Webring Index - 16 Sites
The Incorruptibility of the Ganges - Holy River
The Inner Circle Homepage

The Inspirations Web Ring Index - 49 Sites Listed

The International Tin Research Institute 
The Internet Lost and Found
The Internet Squeegee Guy - Clean your Monitor Mister?
The Jive Translator
The Joke Index
The Juicy Cerebellum
The Knights of The Roundtable Webring Index -
 Role Playing Games - 20 Sites
The Leech Lady - Illinois
The Legend Webring Index - Fantasy - 42 Sites
The Life and Times of Our Friend Stickboy
The Little Mermaid - Iowa
The Live Webcams Webring - 1783 Sites
The Lourdes of America - El Santuario de Chimayo - New Mexico
The Lyceum
 The Worlds Largest Entheogenic Library and Community
The Manna Machine
The Marx Brothers
The Matrix - The Black Vault
The Measuring Stick - Answers Concerning God, Christ and Aliens
The Merneptah Stela
The Metatron Community - Esoteric/Ancient Mayan Portals 
The Mother's Day Webring - 16 Members
The Movies, Race and Ethnicity - Videographies
The Nerdman Show 
The New Dawn Network  - 
 Astrology/Crop Circles/Remote Viewing, etc.
The New Hacker's Dictionary
The $95,093.35 Check
The Nipple Project
The No Clown Zone -
The Odd Thing and the God Thing - Appealing Review of the More
 Bizarre Auctions  to be found on
The Official Boo-Berry Page
The Official National Lawn Care Now! Home Page
The 100 Most Classic Guestbook Entries Ever!
The Onion - Strange News Stories
The Original Daily .wav
The Original Merry Christmas Webring Index - 81 Sites
The Paper House - Massachusetts
The Parthenon - Tennessee
The Peachoid - South Carolina
The Perfect Joke
The Personality Project
The Pet Peeves Ring Index - 5 Members
The PEZ Museum
The Pirate Webring Index - 64 Sites
The Pointless Website Webring - 72 Sites
The Police Officer's Internet Directory
The Politician: A Toy - Ohio
The Professional Tarot Readers and Psychics Webring
 21 Members
The PSI Test
The Psychic Tech - Some Interesting Articles
The Psychics Ring Index - 6 Members
The Psychonomicon - Occult Library & Links
The Pythagorean Brotherhood






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