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Stan's Bookmarks

Land of the Strange, True and Unusual


General Information - The T's, Part 2


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The Quotations Page
The Real Frank Zappa Homepage
The Real X-Files 
The Realist - Very Interesting
The Really BIG Button that Doesn't do Anything
The Reference - The FREE Web-Based Encyclopedia
The Reflex Tester Game
The Remembering Matthew Shepard Webring - 10 Members
The RetroPsychoKinesis Project
The Ring of Enchanted Mists and Ethereal Dreams Webring
 36 Sites
The Ring of Spirit Hunters Webring - 33 Members
The Rosy Cross
The School of Pythagoras
The Searcher - Whole LOTTA Search Engines
The Shadowlands - Folklore/Human Combustion/Mysteries 
The Shadowlands  Index2 - Bigfoot/Sea Serpents/Cryptozoology
The Shrunken Head Page
The Sierra Club - Protecting our Environment
The Simple Society - Presenting Simple Solutions 
The Simpson's 
The Sistine Chapel
The Sixains - Nostradamus and it's in French
The Sixth Extinction - American Museum of Natural History
The Skyscraper Archive
The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
The Star Pages
 Institutions/Organizations Relating to Space Science
The Straight Dope
The Straight Dope - syndicated columnist Cecil Adams
The Strange - A Menagerie of STRANGE Things
The Stupid Page -
The SUNEYE Method by Joe Russa
The Supernatural Realm  - Mysteries/Vampires/Werewolves
The Tacky Postcard Archive
The TePee - New York 
The Three Stooges Collectors Showcase
The Threshold Society & Mevlevi Order - Traditional Sufism
The Totally Rad Eighties Webring Index - 40 Sites
The Tracey Ullman 'Go Home' Page.
The Tree Root That Ate Roger Williams - Rhode Island 
The Truth About Hell - by Terry Watkins
The 22 Enigma
The Ultimate Bad Candy Website 
The Underwater Society of America
The Unofficial Flat Eric Website  
The Unofficial Partridge Family Homepage 
The Urantia Book
The Useless Pages by John Gephart IV
The Useless Ring Index - 141 Sites
The Useless Webpage Ring - 141 Sites 
The Vanishing Tattoo
The Wayback Machine - Surf the web as it was courtesy of the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine 
The Web of OZ - Eclectic Feminism/Neo-Paganism
The Web Truck Stop's Trucking Webring - 8 Members
The Webpage You Have Reached - Telephone Sounds and Graphics
The Website that got one Man Fired - The Hotel Blues
The Weird Site - Bizarre, Strange and Weird Websites
The Weird Site of Zik
The Well  
The what-do-you-want-for-dinner I-don't-know-what-do-you-want? Dialog Generator
The Wheel
The White Trash Cafe
The World's Best Skylines 
The World's Largest Happy Bee - Vermont
The Worlds Weirdest Websites
The Worthless Page
Theatre des Vampires
Theatre FAQ
Theatre Links
Theban Mapping Project - Egyptology  
Thelema KAAba
Theme Parks by Robert Brown -
Theological Terms, Glossary of
Theology & the Natural Sciences, Center for
Theosophical Society, The
Theosophy Library On-Line
Therion's Armor and Weapons Page
These Actors Do Cartoon Voices - Who2 Loop Strange & Unusual
Thinkers and Visionaries, Great
Thinking Hurts FAQ
Third Age - New Age - A Great Site With Lots to Offer
Third Eye, The - Activation and Basic Usage
This is Drew - Assorted Wanderings of a Warped Mind
This Page Licks - Gallery of Tongues
This to That - Because People have to Glue 
 The AWESOME Virtual Reference Desk - Purdue Libraries 
Thorsof - THOR - Funny and odd Headlines and Pictures
Thunderbeast Park - Oregon 
TidBits - Electronic Publishing - 
 Computer/Technology News Web Site
Tibet FAQ
Tibetan Medicine - WWW Virtual Library
Tibetan Religious and Cultural Centers - WWW Virtual Library
Tiffany Studios Resource Page  
Time Capsule -  Find History For Any Date  Between 1900-1997
Time Converter - Global
Time Cube - Different, Definitely Different
Time Magazine 
Time On-Line - Web Only News
Time/Life Photography Gallery  
Time Magazine - Search for Articles 
Timothy Leary Homepage, The
Tinky Winky: Virtual Paper Doll
Tiny Church - Massachusetts - Maine
Titan Missile Museum - Arizona
Titans of the Northern Plains
 Largest Animals - Roadside Attractions
Today in History 
Today in History Page, Ari's
Todd Breda's Paradigm Shifting Website -  Just AWESOME
Tolkien FAQ
Tom Mann's Fish World - Alabama
Tom Mix: We Hardly Knew ye
Tom Mix Death Site - Arizona
Tom Mix Suitcase of Death - Oklahoma
Tom's Collection of Medical and Forensic Images
Tomahawk Trading Post - Arizona
Tommy's List of Live Web Cameras
Tongue Boy's Tent 
Tongue Gallery
Top Secret Toons
Top Ten Video and Game Rentals for the Week 
Topsy the Elephant - Electrocuted by Edison  - New York 
Torture History and Political Torture
Totally Absurb Patents
Towns With A Past - Ghost Towns
Toxic Tourism Worthy of National Park? -
 Nation's Biggest Superfund Clean-up Site - MT
Toys FAQ
Television FAQ
Traditional Wisdom, Tales of
Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity - Follow the Links
Transcendent Communications
 Growth Processes of Life and Consciousness
Transcendental Messages in Transcendental Numbers
Transcontinental Railroad Completion Marker - Utah
Transformation, World - Positive Vibrations
Transformation of English Letters to Hieroglyphics
Transparent Women - Ohio
Transpersonal Psychology, The Association for
Travel, Transport & Lodging Info Resources - AWESOME
Travel FAQ
Travlings Translating Dictionaries
Treachery Unlimited - Security-Related Information 
Treasure and Salvage Related Web Sites
Treasure Hunting by Steven H. Draper -
Treasure Hunting Net, The Transnational
Treasure in the Sea News - Archeological Finds
Treasure Sites World Wide
Treasury of Geriatric Erotica
Tree of Life, The Clickable
Tree Ring and C14 Dating
Trees of Mystery - California
Trenches on the Web - Great TRUE World War I Stories
Trifle Hut -Jocularity
TriviaWars - Trivia - Over 45,000 Tidbits of Information
Trivial Pursuit On-Line
Troth Official Homepage, The - A Believe System
Trucks by Todd A. Jensen -
Truth Fellowship - Earth Rainbow Network
Tubbytronic Superdome - Welcome to Stephenville 
Tuna Free Dolphin Meat 
TV Listing, Ultimate
Twelve Constellations of the Girdle of Gaia
Twine Inertia - Twine Ball Stuff
Twinkling Twilight Fairies Circle Webring - 47 Members
Twins or Multiples Information Resources
Twisted Tunes
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
Twisty Little Collection of Images - Unique
Two Fat Bastards on Bikes
Two Men and a Wooden Duck Called Geoffrey
Two Story Outhouse - Illinois
Tyler's Glow-in-the-Dark Page
Typing Injury FAQ
TV Dance - Animated TV and Movie Dance Pages






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