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US Government

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AAAS Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internet
Aboard the Underground Railroad
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research - HSS - Reports
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAAS 
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials -AASHTO
American Birding Association
American Canoe Association
American Fact Finder - US Census Bureau
American Museum of Natural History
American Public Welfare Association - APWA
Appalachian Regional Commission - ARC
Better Business Bureau 
British and Irish Legal Information Institute
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms - ATF
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bureau of Land Management
 General Land Office Records  - Land Patents
Car Safety Rankings - NHTSA
Census Bureau Data Maps
Center for Technology in Government 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDCP
Central Intelligence Agency
CIO Council Subcommittee on Year 2000 Issues
Civil Trials Statistical Database - US Federal District Court
Clean Air Act Database - EPA
Congressional Link
Constitutions, Statutes & Codes (including the full US Code)
Consumer Complaints Database - NHTSA
Consumer Information Center
Contacting the Congress - comprehensive contact 
 information for members and committees of the US Congress
Council of State Governments - CSG
Council of State Governments States News - CSG
DEA/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more
Defect Investigations Database - NHTSA
Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
Department of Commerce
 National Institute of Standards and Technology
Department of Defense Records Management Task Force
Department of Education - Office of Education Technology
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Health and Human Services
 Office of State Systems
Department of the Interior
Department of Labor
Department of Treasury
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Diplomatic Lists
Drug Enforcement Administration - DEA
Earthquake Information from the USGS
Electoral College - NARA's  Electoral College 
Empowerment Zone Locator
Endangered Species Program
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EPA Docket Search
European Union Treaties
EZGov - US Government Information Search
FAA Regulations
FAFSA on the Web
 US Department of Education - Federal Student Aid Application
Farm Service Agency
Fatality Analysis Reporting System - NHTSA
FBI/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more
FBI Files - BigBrothersWatching 
FBI's Freedom of Information Act Reading Room - Very Interesting
FCC - Federal Communications Commission
FDA Resources Page
FDIC Bank and Branch Locator
FDIC Laws, Regulations and Related Acts
 The Non-Partisan Federal Candidate Campaign Money Page
Federal Aviation Administration - FAA
Federal Aviation Administration Files, Descriptions of 1200
Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center - FAATC
Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI
Federal Bureau of Prisons - BOP
Federal CIO Council
Federal Communications Commission - FCC
Federal Computer Products Center
 Hundreds of US Government Computer Products
Federal Consumer Information Center - US Government
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - FDIC
Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA
Federal Judiciary - COURTS
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - FLETC
Federal Register - 1994-Present - NARA
Federal Reserve System - FRS
Federal Trade Commission - FTC
Federal Web Locator
Fedstats: One Stop Shopping Federal Statistics
 Statistics/Information From More than 70 Federal Agencies
FedWorld Information Network Home Page - Access to Thousands of US Government Web sites, More than a 1/2 Million US Government Documents, Databases and other Information Products
FedWorld FTP File Archive
Federal Web Locator - The Federal Web Locator - Service Provided by the Center for Information Law and Policy and is Intended to be a Starting Point for Federal Government Information on the World Wide Web
FinanceNet - Federal Asset Clearinghouse
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network - FINCEN
Financial Management Service - FMS
Firefighter Fatality Database
Fire Loss Profiles - National Fire Data Center
FLITE - Supreme Court Decisions, 1937-1975
Food and Consumer Service
Food & Drug Admin Archives
Foreign Consular Offices in the U.S.
Forest Service
Freedom of Information Act 
GAO Reports - General Accounting Office
General Accounting Office
General Services Administration
GILS - Global Information Locator Service / 
Government Information Locator Service
Global Information Infrastructure
Goddard Space Flight Center
GovBot (the original) - Search Government and Military Documents, Records, Files. Federal Records, Congressional, Senate, House -  University of Massachusetts
Govbot - US Government Search Engine - NWBuildNets' GovBot Search Page - Searches of US Government Web Pages, Documents, Statistics, Agencies, Departments and Resources
Govee.com - State and Local Government Information
Government and Legal Information Resources - AWESOME
Government Databases - A Listing of Internet-accessable Databases Maintained by Agencies of the US Government
Government Embassies -
Government Information Resources - Resources for Government Documents Librarians
Government Information Sharing Project - Oregon State University has 49 CD-ROMs full of US Government Statistics and Economic Information - All Online 
Government Locator Service Databases
Governments on the WWW: United States of America
Links to Websites of Governmental Institutions 
and Political Parties in United States 
Government Online - GOL
Government Printing Office
Government Research Labs
Government Resources on the Internet - US Federal, State, 
and Local Governments as well as International Material
GPO Gate
 University of California's Gateway to Federal Information
Great Lakes Commission
Historic Buildings and Structures
House of Representatives
HUD Bibliographic Database
Immigration and Naturalization Service
Immigration Central from ITA
Immigration Information Page - Yahoo
Immigration Issues by Jennifer & Peter Wipf - About.com
Immigration Resources, Basic from Autonomy Publishing
Immigration Sites and Related Links
Information & Referral Resource Network, The
INS/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more
Intelligence Resource Program
  American Intelligence Community
Interactive Citizen's Handbook
  A Gateway to US Government Web sites
Internal Revenue Service - IRS
International City/County Management Association - ICMA
International Council on Monuments and Sites
IRS Tax Forms, Descriptions of
IRS Taxpayer Help and Information
IRS/TRAC - Charts, Graphs, Maps, more
Key Officers at Foreign Service Posts
Library of Congress - Explore the Internet
Library of Congress - Search and browse - Harvest
Library of Congress - American Special Collections
Library of Congress Home Page
Library of Congress On-Line Catalog
Library of Congress Research Tools
Local Government Institute - LGI
Lying Lightly on the Land: Building America's National Park Roads and Parkways
Medicare Managed Care Plans Comparison Database






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