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Military Resources

US Marines


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About That Flag On Suribachi...
 Background and History of the Two Flags on Iwo Jima
ANGLICO Association  
Believe It Or Not USMC - from the Marine Corps Book of Lists
Belleau Wood Cemetery
Bizarre Conversations - Bob Dornan's Speech 
 on the House Floor Regarding the Flag and Marines
Bluejacket Forum - Navy and Marine Corps History
Carlson Of The Raider Marines -  
 Lt Colonel Evans F.Carlson, USMC
China Marines - US Marines Service in China 
Dan Marsh's Marine Raider Page - US Marine Raiders of WW II
Dudley Knox Library - Naval PG School - Marine Corps
Early History of the US Marines
 British Royal, Continental and Modern Marines
1871 US Korea Campaign - US Marine Action in Korea
5th Marines at Champagne - WWI
Flying Leathernecks - Flying Leathernecks Historical Foundation - 
 MiraMar, San Diego, California
General Smedley Darlington Butler USMC
 The Letters of a Leatherneck
Greg "Pappy" Boyington, US Marine - US Marine Corps History
Gung Ho! - according to Evans F. Carlson -
 has pop-up banners from hell
Gunny G's Old Salt Marines Tavern 
Gyrene World - Resources
Harrier Review Panel - Publication
History of VMO-2  - USMC Squadron
In Flanders Field - Poem Relative to WWI
John Philip Sousa (1854-1932)
 Leader of the U.S. Marine Corps Band
Lance Corporal Rank, USMC - History and Origin 
Lost Buddies Listing - Semper Fi Mac!
Marine Corps Art and Graphics
Marine Corps Free-For-All Links Page  
Marine Corps History - MarineLINK
Marine Corps Links -
Marine Corps Materiel Command - MATCOM
Marine Corps Publications
 Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C
Marine Corps Research Center - Training and Education Command
Marine Corps Research Center
 Marine Corps Library and Conference Center
Marine Corps Systems Command  - MARCORSYSCOM
Marine Corps Gazette
Marine Enlisted Rank 1959-Present! - History and Information 
Marine Forces Reserve
Marine History - Marine History Links
Marine Observation Squadron Two - VMO-2 -  History
Marine Vignettes #86-89 - Explanation of the Old Corps
Marines And The OSS - WWII - Col Peter Ortiz USMC 
Marines In The Civil War - Confederate and Union
Marine Corp Base, Camp Pendleton
Marines Mail Guards - 1920s
MCCDC Doctrine Division
 Marine Corps Combat Development Command 
Memorial Day 1999
Military History Forums & Mailing Lists  
M1941 Johnson Rifle
 The History of the Johnson Rifle, 1930's and 40's
Navajo CodeTalkers of WWII - USMC
1947 Freedom Train
 US Marines and the History of the 1947 Freedom Train 
One Marine's Grave - PFC Lee Marvin USMC
Patton's Speech of 1944
Pharmacist's Mate First Class at Guadalcanal - Oral History
Pride of the USMC Espirit Di Corps
Scuttlebutt & Small Chow
 A Salty Old Harbor of Marine Corps History
Soochow and the 4th Marines
 Shanghai in 1937, Philippines in 1942, WWII POW
Teufelhunde 1775 - A site about Marines, by Marines
The Corps - A Father's life in the Old Corps -  by John Faust
The Few, The Proud - An Article
The Higgins Boat Project - Andrew Higgins' Boat of WWII 
The Marine Breed by Gunny G
The Marine Breed
The Marine Corps Legacy Museum - Nonprofit Organization 
The Marine of the Year Page - Quantico, Virginia
The Marines - History of the Marine Corps
The Men of Montford Point - First Black Marines in the Corps
The Rank of Gunnery SGT, USMC - Origins and History
United States Marine Corps Stuff  
US Embassy Bombings! - Marine Security Guarsds - MSG
US Marine Corps Forces Atlantic - MARFORLANT
US Marine Corps Forces Central - MARCENT
US Marine Corps Forces Europe - MARFOREUR
US Marine Corps Forces Pacific - MARFORPAC
US Marine Forces Reserve - MARFORRES
US Marine Corps Resources -
USMC at Alcatraz - Alcatraz Prison Riot in 1946 
USMC Boot - A Site to Honor All USMC Marines
USMC Equal Opportunity Branch
USMC In Haiti - Haiti Banana Wars - Small Wars Manual
USMC School of Infantry - Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
USMC Wars and Conflicts - History
VMFA-251 Past, Present and Future






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