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Dictionaries, Glossaries and Terms - General


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Aaaugh! - The Foolish Dictionary Online
Academic Press Dictionary of Science and Technology -
  130,000 Terms defined in 130 Fields of Science
Agriculture and Environmental Biotechnology Dictionary
Alternative Dictionaries, The - International Slang
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
American Sign Language Dictionary
Anime, Dictionary of
Apoptosis MiniCOPE Dictionary
Aquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant Glossary 
Artcyclopedia - 7500 Artists
Astronomy Glossary
Astrophysics - Imagine the Universe Dictionary
Atlas of Antarctic Research - USGS
Aussie Slang and Phrase Dictionary
Avian Terms - Avian Conservation Biology
Bible Names Dictionary, Hitchcock's
Biographical Dictionary - 28,000 Names
Birdwatcher's Dictionary
Botanical Names Glossary 
Botanical Glossary
Botanical Terms - GardenWeb
Bouviers Law Dictionary - 1856 Edition
Caversí Slang Dictionary
Cell and Molecular Biology, Dictionary of
Cells MiniCOPE Dictionary
Climbing Dictionary
Computer High-Tech Dictionary
Computing Dictionary - FOLDOC
Cytokine MiniCOPE Dictionary
Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia
 6650 Webpages, 15000 References
Dairy Terms, Glossary of - Oregon State University
Darmok Dictionary
Definitions of Terms: Cults, Sects and Denominations
Dictionary of All Consonant Words
Dictionary of Computing, Free On-Line - FOLDAC
Dictionary of Difficult Words - 13,900 of them
Dictionary of Faeries
Dictionary of Faeries
Dictionary of Islamic Philosophical Terms
Dictionary of One Letter Words - White Queen's
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Dictionary of Philosophy Terms
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable 
Dictionary of the Afro-Caribbean Deities
Dictionary of the Gods
Dictionary of Titled Russian Nobility
Digital Broadcasting Glossary 
Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary of Composers
Drug Related Street Terms/Slang Words 
 Addictions & Life Organization
Earth Science, GeoMan's Glossary of
Encyclopedia Mythica  - over 5700 Articles 
Engineering Sciences
 Harcourt: AP Dictionary of Science and Technology
Environmental Terms - Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Terms, Glossary of
Environmental Terms, Glossary of
 National Resources Defense Council 
Food Lover's Glossary
Food Safety Terms, Glossary of
Forestry Terms, Glossary of
Gargish Dictionary, The
Geographer's Craft Glossary
GIS Dictionary - Geographical Information System
Glossary of American History
Golf Terms, Dictionary of
Grandiloquent Dictionary
Hacker's Dictionary, New
Hematology MiniCOPE Dictionary
Historical Glossary
HTML Glossary
Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words
  A-Z index of over 13,900 Difficult Words 
Internet Jargon Dictionary
Knotting Dictionary of Kannet
Law Dictionaries - Lawyer Search/ Topic Search
Legal Dictionary, Orans - Lawyer Search/ Topic Search
Life Sciences
Literary Criticism, Glossary of
Mathematical Terms, Glossary of
Mathematics and Computer Science
Medication Guide
Merriam-Webster Word Central 
Metalloproteinase MiniCOPE Dictionary
Legal Lexicon - 'Lectric Law Library
Life Science Dictionary, Biotech's 
Marine Biology, Glossary of
Mushroom Dictionary
New Age Dictionary
Oceanography Glossary
Oceanography Glossary and Related Geosciences
OneLook Dictionary - Searches Multiple Online Dictionaries
Online Dictionary of Mental Health
Online Dictionary Query
 Multiple Database Search - The DICT Developement Group
Opera, Dictionary of Recorded - And it's BIG
Oxford English Dictionary
Peoples First Names and What They Mean
Photonics Dictionary
Phrase and Fable Dictionary 
Physical Sciences
Physics Terms: Glossary of Frequently Misused or Misunderstood 
Plant Pathology Internet Guidebook
 Glossaries, Terms and Dictionaries
Poetic Terms, Glossary of - A Unique Guide for the Study of Poetry
Poker Dictionary, Dan's
Prisoner's Dictionary, A
Rap Dictionary
Rhetorical Terms, Glossary of
Rhyming Dictionary
Rhyming Dictionary - Another one
Rigging Dictionary
Rigging Dictionary
Sailor Dictionary of Terms
Science and Technology, Dictionary of
Science and Technology, Academic Press Dictionary of 
Scientific Quotations, Dictionary of - Short Version
Shark Talk Dictionary - Everybody's Legal Dictionary
Skeptic's Dictionary
Skeptics Dictionary - Another
Skeptics Dictionary - And Another
Slang and Language Links
Social Science Computing and Data Terms Glossary
Social Sciences Dictionary
Soil Science Terms, Internet Glossary of
 Soil Science Society of America
Solar Terrestrial Terms, Glossary of
Strange & Unusual Dictionaries
Synthetic Pleasures Glossary
The Gargish Dictionary
The SubGenius Dictionary of the Gods
Theological Terms, Glossary of
3D Graphics and Modelling Glossary
Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering Glossary of Terms
Tropical Cyclone and Hurricane Glossary
Typographic and Printing Terms
Typographic Terms, Glossary of - Adobe
Visual Arts, Glossary of Theory and Criticism for the 
Water Glossary -  Suburban Water Testing Labs
Water Quality and Waste Management Factsheet
Water Quality Glossary of Terms
 Water Quality Association - WQA
Water Resource Terms, Glossary of
Water-Science Glossary of Terms - USGS
Weather Glossaries
Weather Glossary
Webster's Hypertext Dictionary Gateway
What Are They Called? Native American Names
Word for Word - Origins of Unusual Words And Phrases, Plus Intelligent and Spirited Discussion
WWWebster Dictionary
Veterinary Terms: Abbreviations and Measurements
Zoological Glossaries, Dictionaries & Acronyms
Zoological Nomenclature, Glossary of






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